Who Makes Jimmy John's Chips

Who Makes Jimmy John’s Chips? Uncover the Crunchy Crafters

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If you’ve had the opportunity to taste Jimmy John’s delicious sandwich, you probably know that their chips make the perfect accompaniment. With their crispy texture and tasty flavor, they are absolutely irresistible.

As someone who loves eating various foods, especially potato chips, they are the perfect crunchy companion to your sub. But who makes Jimmy John’s Chips?

With that, I’ll share the details of who cooks or manufactures these chips. Keep on reading. 

Jimmy John’s Chips: Who Makes Them?

Man Holding Jimmy John's Chips

Jimmy John’s chips are made from two different sources. Shearers Snacks is the primary manufacturer of these delectable chips. 

Also, Jimmy John’s takes matters into its own hands by manufacturing its potato chips in-house, producing the snacks you often find accompanying your sandwiches. 

“I was definitely one of those people who fell for the fat-free cookies and chips that are loaded with sugar and calories.” 

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This dual approach ensures a consistent supply of these crispy snacks to complement their sandwiches, maintaining the high standards of taste and quality that Jimmy John’s is known for.

But how can you make Jimmy John’s bread?

What Flavor Of Potato Chips Are Available At Jimmy John’s?

At Jimmy John’s, you have a variety of flavorful potato chips [1] to choose from. You can choose the classic Regular or BBQ-flavored kettle-cooked chips for that satisfying crunch. 

These two main flavors are perfect for those who love classic crunchiness or a smoky barbecue kick. 

If you’re in the mood for something fiery, go for the Jalapeno chips. Salt & Vinegar lovers will find their fix with this tangy option. 

For a unique Jimmy John’s twist, there are the Pickle Jimmy Chips that bring a zesty pickle flavor to your snack. 

And remember the Thinny Chips for a lighter, crispier alternative to satisfy your cravings. But what is an Unwich from Jimmy John’s?

What Are The Original Jimmy John’s Chips Made Of?

The original Jimmy John’s chips are a simple yet delicious combination of three basic ingredients: potatoes, peanut oil [2], and salt. 

It all starts with fresh potatoes, sliced thin, to achieve that perfect crispiness. 

These potato slices are then cooked to golden perfection in peanut oil, which imparts a unique and delightful flavor to the chips. 

Finally, a sprinkling of salt is added to enhance the taste, providing that irresistible savory crunch you’ve come to love. 

With just these three ingredients, Jimmy John’s creates a classic chip that perfectly complements their delicious sandwiches.

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Jimmy John’s Chips: Nutritional Content

Here’s the nutritional content for Jimmy John’s Jimmy Chips – The Original Potato Chips (per serving of 18 chips):

Total Carbs16g
Net Carbs15g
Calories150 kcal

These values provide a clear picture of the nutritional profile of these crispy potato chips, allowing you to make informed choices while enjoying your favorite Jimmy John’s snacks.

Where Can You Purchase Jimmy John’s Chips?

Couple Holding Bags of Jimmy Chips

You can conveniently find Jimmy John’s chips at two primary locations. First, you can head to your nearest Walmart, whether it’s a physical store or their online platform. 

Walmart stocks a variety of Jimmy John’s snacks, including their chips, making them accessible to many shoppers. 

“Savoring a bag of Jimmy John’s chips is like taking a bite of sandwich heaven.”

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Or you can visit Jimmy John’s official online store, where you’ll have the option to purchase their chips and other signature items from the comfort of your own home. 

With these two options, you can easily satisfy your craving for Jimmy John’s chips whenever and wherever you prefer to shop.

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What Makes Jimmy John’s Chips Different From Other Popular Chip Brands?

Jimmy John’s chips distinguish themselves by their signature texture and taste. 

Unlike many popular chip brands that focus on a wide array of flavors and styles, Jimmy John’s chips are kettle-cooked, a method that offers a heartier crunch and a more robust potato flavor.

These chips are often perceived as a fresher alternative because they are delivered more frequently to stores than other brands. 

As such, it ensures a consistently crisp product, aligning with the fast-casual chain’s promise of offering high-quality, fresh ingredients in all its menu offerings.

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What exactly are Jimmy John’s Thinny Chips?

Jimmy John’s Thinny Chips are a healthier alternative to their regular chips. These chips are specially designed to contain only a third of the fat found in the traditional Jimmy John’s chips. 

Despite the fat reduction, they retain the delicious crunch and flavor you expect from Jimmy John’s, making them a smart choice for those seeking a lighter snack.

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Is Jimmy John’s potato chips vegan?

Jimmy John’s offers vegan-friendly chips, but it’s important to note that not all of their chip varieties fall under the vegan category. 

While some options may contain ingredients not suitable for vegans, they do have vegan-friendly choices available for those looking to enjoy their chips guilt-free.

Can you get Jimmy John’s chips in big bags?

You can satisfy your craving for Jimmy John’s chips by purchasing them in larger bags. 

They offer large bags of Regular and BBQ-flavored kettle-cooked chips, allowing you to enjoy more of your favorite flavors whenever you please.

Why do Jimmy John’s foods taste so salty?

The salty taste in Jimmy John’s foods primarily comes from the meats and proteins they use, particularly ham and processed meats like salami and pepperoni. 

These ingredients are naturally high in sodium, which contributes to the overall savory and salty flavor profile of their sandwiches and snacks.

Final Words

Having tried the Jimmy John’s chips, it’s clear that these crispy delights are a blend of simplicity and flavor. 

My research of its manufacturing process reveals that Shearers Snacks and Jimmy John’s both play a role in ensuring the chips meet their high standards. 

It has various flavors available, from the classic Regular and BBQ to the zesty Jalapeño, tangy Salt & Vinegar, and the unique Pickle Jimmy Chips, not to forget the lighter option of Thinny Chips.

For those concerned about nutritional content, we broke down the specifics, providing a clear picture of what you’re consuming.

Lastly, we guided you on where to purchase Jimmy John’s chips, offering the convenience of Walmart’s physical or online stores or Jimmy John’s official online store.


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