Jimmy John's vs Jersey Mike's

Jimmy John’s vs Jersey Mike’s: The Sub Sandwich Showdown

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When it comes to sandwiches, there are two commonly mentioned options that steal the spotlight: Jimmy John’s and Jersey Mike’s.

I remember the first time I tried both of these sandwich shops, and it was a tasty adventure. But which one is better? 

As I’ve had the chance to chow down on subs from both places, and I’m here to break it down for you. 

So, if you’re wondering which one hits the spot when you’re craving a tasty sandwich, keep reading.

Jimmy John’s vs Jersey Mike’s: What’s The Difference?

Jersey Mike's Sub

If you’re in the mood for a sub, Jimmy John’s and Jersey Mike’s are both popular choices. Both chains offer a variety of sandwiches and have rewards programs. 

However, there are some key differences to consider. Jersey Mike’s is the go-to spot for hot subs, grilled fresh for every order, while Jimmy John’s specializes in cold subs. 

“When it comes to sub sandwiches, Jimmy John’s is like the Usain Bolt of the sandwich world—quick and efficient. But if you’re looking for a marathon of flavors and choices, Jersey Mike’s takes home the gold.”

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Jimmy John’s also offers the Unwich, a lettuce-wrapped sandwich that’s a healthier and customizable option. Plus, it can be a low-carb alternative. 

Lastly, when you’re in a hurry, Jimmy John’s is known for its lightning-fast service. 

So, whether you crave hot or cold subs, these differences can help you decide where to satisfy your sandwich cravings.

Key Differentiators

AspectJimmy John’sJersey Mike’s
Types of SubsCold subs onlyOffers both hot and cold subs
PricingBudget-friendlyGenerally higher prices, especially with extras
Bread QualityPrimarily French breadOffers various bread options
Toppings Quality and VarietyBoth prioritize freshness and varietyWide selection of fresh ingredients
Sandwich VarietyDiverse menu offeringsExtensive menu with diverse options
Service and EfficiencyKnown for speed and efficiencyPrioritizes quality, may not be as fast
Health-Conscious OptionsLettuce wraps (“unwiches”) for low-carb optionsOffers gluten-free bread but no lettuce wraps
Side MenuUnique side items like pickles and avocado spreadWide variety of chip brands
Sauces and FlavorsOil and vinegar, with milder flavorRed wine vinegar and olive oil with a zesty taste
Customization ChoicesCustomization availableOffers a secret menu for unique combinations
Accessibility and ConvenienceMore locations, some with drive-thru optionsWidespread locations for accessibility
Large Group OrdersCatering with an emphasis on speedCatering options available

Menu Specialties 


Jimmy John’s divides their menu into different sections. They have favorite sandwiches, original ones, smaller versions called Little Johns, and basic ones called Plain Slims. 

For example, their favorites include the Billy Club with roast beef, ham, provolone cheese, dijon mustard, lettuce, tomato [1], and mayo. 

The original sandwiches are simpler, like the Turkey Tom with turkey, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. 

Plain Slims are even simpler with meat, cheese, or both, and the Little Johns are small versions of their favorites for kids.

Meanwhile, Jersey Mike’s offers a wide variety of cold and hot sub sandwiches. 

Cold subs include classics like turkey and provolone and more adventurous ones like The Original Italian with provolone cheese, ham, prosciuttini, cappacuolo, salami, and pepperoni. 

Their hot subs include American cheese and the Big Kahuna Chicken Cheese Steak with chicken, grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, jalapeños, and American cheese. 

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Hot Subs & Cold Subs

One big difference is that Jersey Mike’s serves hot and cold subs. They have around a dozen options for each type. 

Cold subs are made right before you and include classics like the Jersey Shore’s Favorite (ham and provolone) and The Veggie (Swiss cheese, provolone, and green bell peppers [2]). 

Hot subs include the Chipotle Chicken Cheese Steak and Mike’s Famous Philly. On the other hand, Jimmy John’s specializes in cold subs only. 

While they don’t have hot subs, their special sandwiches, like the spicy East Coast Italian, the hearty Hunter’s Club, and the tasty Ultimate Porker, offer a variety of cold sandwich options.

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Ingredients Quality

The Bread’s Quality

Jersey Mike’s gives customers choices regarding the bread they use for their subs. They offer white, wheat, rosemary parmesan, and gluten-free options, catering to various tastes. 

In contrast, Jimmy John’s sticks to a single type of bread – a French bread loaf. 

Both chains bake their bread in-house to keep it fresh, but Jimmy John’s has a rule of replacing all bread after 4 hours. 

Jersey Mike’s bread tends to be fluffier and thicker, offering a different texture. But what’s the difference between Culver’s and In-N-Out burgers?

Quality and Variety of Toppings

I noticed that freshness is a priority for both Jersey Mike’s and Jimmy John’s. Jersey Mike’s often sources its produce from local farms, ensuring that their veggies are as fresh as can be. 

These fresh ingredients are carefully packed and shipped to each store from their farming partners.

In terms of variety, Jersey Mike’s and Jimmy John’s provide a wide range of toppings. 

Jersey Mike’s menu boasts grilled onions, portobello mushrooms, jalapeños, fresh green bell peppers, cherry peppers, and various cheeses and salad dressings. 

Likewise, Jimmy John’s offers a variety of toppings to customize your sandwiches to your taste. But what’s the difference between Jimmy John’s and Subway?

Customization Options

Jimmy John's Sub

Jimmy John’s leans towards speed and efficiency. They have a menu with sandwich options 

listed by names and numbers. 

On the other hand, Jersey Mike’s offers a more open-ended approach. They have a menu, too, but they also have a secret menu that some people know about. 

“You don’t need a pack of wild horses to learn how to make a sandwich.” 

– Phil McGraw, American TV Personality

This secret menu lets you create unique combinations by swapping different types of meat and toppings. 

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Catering Options

Jimmy John’s is well-suited for catering due to its straightforward menu, fast service, and focus on cold sandwiches. 

You can place catering orders on their website, and they suggest giving them at least 24 hours, but they’re also open to fulfilling same-day orders.

Meanwhile, Jersey Mike’s provides subs by the box, bag, box lunches, and various sides and drinks, including cookies and brownies. 

Besides, you can quickly get a local price estimate for your Jersey Mike’s catering order on their website by specifying the number of people you’re serving and your preferences. 

Speed of Service

Based on my experience, Jimmy John’s prides itself on being “freaky fast,” they live up to this slogan. You won’t usually find long lines or slow service when you visit Jimmy John’s. 

They’re all about getting your order to you quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, Jersey Mike’s focuses on quality and service, but it doesn’t match the speed of Jimmy John’s. 

This difference is because Jersey Mike’s also offers hot sandwiches, which naturally take more time to prepare. So, if you’re in a hurry, Jimmy John’s is where to go for a lightning-fast meal.

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Pricing Strategy

As someone who loves finding affordable yet delicious sandwiches, Jimmy John’s offers budget-friendly options. 

Their subs come in various sizes, from the smallest 6.5-inch Little John’s to the giant 16-inch subs, and prices vary between $5 and $24. 

If you’re on a tight budget, you can start with an 8-inch Plain Slim’s sub for around $6. Jersey Mike’s is a bit pricier than Jimmy John’s. 

Their subs usually cost between $7 and $17. As such, if you’re watching your wallet while craving a delicious sub, Jimmy John’s is the more budget-friendly option.

Number Of Location

Jimmy John’s has a whopping 2600+ locations all across the United States. This means you can easily find a Jimmy John’s near you no matter where you are. 

They take pride in their “Freaky Fast” service and use fresh ingredients to make their sandwiches.

While Jersey Mike’s has 2617 locations in the United States, although they have a significant presence, they are just slightly fewer in number compared to Jimmy John’s.

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Does Jimmy Johns or Jersey Mikes offer a healthier option?

If you’re aiming for a healthier choice, Jimmy John’s has the edge. 

They provide the “unwich,” a lettuce wrap, which is perfect for those looking to reduce carbs and gluten by skipping bread. 

Which is better: Subway or Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike’s comes out on top in this competition. If Subway could improve their bread, they might have a shot at rivaling Jersey Mike’s. 

Is Jimmy John’s suitable for dieting?

Jimmy John’s can be diet-friendly if you’re watching your fat intake. You can customize your order by skipping the cheese, mayonnaise, and other high-fat sauces.

So, Which Two Sandwich Chain Is Better?

From my personal experience and observation, while both Jimmy John’s and Jersey Mike’s offer delicious sandwiches, Jersey Mike’s stands out as the better option.

They provide a wider variety of cold and hot subs, a vast array of topping choices, and a selection of bread types. 

However, it’s worth noting that Jersey Mike’s customer service can be slower compared to the lightning-fast service at Jimmy John’s. 

So, if you’re willing to trade some speed for more options and hearty subs, Jersey Mike’s is the way to go.


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