How Long Is A Jersey Mike's Giant Sub

How Long Is a Jersey Mike’s Giant Sub? Size Details Inside

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When placing an order for sandwiches from Jersey Mike’s, you will be impressed by the massive subs they offer. These sandwiches are reminiscent of a submarine, perfect for satisfying even the largest appetites.

I remember the first time I ordered their giant sub; it felt like holding a mini surfboard made of delicious ingredients.

The sheer size of it is mind-blowing, and it’s a must-try for anyone with a big appetite.

So, if you’re wondering, “How long is a Jersey Mike’s giant sub?” I’ll share the details of this mouthwatering sandwich. Keep reading.

What Is The Length Of A Giant Sub At Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike's Giant Sub

A Jersey Mike’s Giant Sub measures 15 inches in length. This sizable sandwich [1] is perfect for sharing or satisfying a big appetite.

The 15-inch Giant Sub offers a generous portion of delicious ingredients, making it a popular choice for those looking for a substantial meal.

“Too few people understand a really good sandwich.”

– James Beard, American Chef

Its big size makes it a tasty and satisfying option whether you enjoy it solo or with friends.

So, when you’re craving a sizable and flavorful sub, you can count on Jersey Mike’s Giant Sub to fill you up with its impressive length.

How Many Individuals Can Enjoy A Jersey Mike’s Giant Sub?

A Jersey Mike’s Giant Sub is a substantial 15-inch long sandwich that can easily satisfy the hunger of about four individuals.

Its impressive size makes it a fantastic choice for sharing with friends or family during gatherings, parties, or simply when you’re in the mood for a hearty meal.

With various delicious ingredients packed into this generously sized sub, it offers a satisfying experience for each person, making it an ideal option to enjoy with your loved ones.

As such, whether it’s a special occasion or a casual get-together, a Jersey Mike’s Giant Sub will surely please a group of several hungry folks.

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How Does The Size Of Jersey Mike’s Giant Sub Compare To The Regular One?

Crew Making Jersey Mike's Subs

Jersey Mike’s offers two main sub sizes, the regular and the giant. The regular sub measures 7 inches in length, making it a satisfying option for an individual meal.

On the other hand, the giant sub is a whopping 15 inches long, nearly double the size of the regular sub.

This significant contrast makes the massive sub ideal for sharing or catering to those with a hearty appetite.

While the regular sub is great for a single serving, the giant sub is the go-to choice when you’re looking for a larger, more substantial meal to enjoy with friends or family.

What Unique Features Make Jersey Mike’s Subs Stand Out?

Jersey Mike’s subs stand out for several unique features that set them apart. Firstly, the key to their exceptional taste lies in using premium brand meats and cheeses [2].

Secondly, the bread used for their subs is freshly baked on the premises daily, ensuring a delicious and satisfying bite.

“Size matters and Jersey Mike’s Giant Sub proves it with every bite.”

– Eat Pallet Restaurant & Food Advice

But what distinguishes Jersey Mike’s is their commitment to transparency and freshness.

All ingredients are prepared before you, guaranteeing that your sub meets your preferences and specifications.

This dedication to quality and authenticity makes Jersey Mike’s subs a tradition that continues to excel and satisfy.

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How big are the sandwiches in a Jersey Mike’s box?

Jersey Mike’s ten-person sub boxes contain 4 Giant Subs, each of which is approximately 15 inches long.

This ensures that there are enough delicious sandwiches to satisfy a group of hungry individuals, making it a great choice for gatherings and events.

Why does Jersey Mike’s cost more than Subway?

Jersey Mike’s may cost more than Subway because they offer an authentic deli-shop experience.

They slice meats and cheeses to order right in front of the customer, ensuring freshness and quality.

In contrast, at Subway, slicing machines are typically located on the back counter, and meats are not sliced to order. This difference in preparation contributes to the variation in pricing.

But how does Jimmy John’s differ from Jersey Mike’s?

How many calories does a Jersey Mike’s Giant Sub have?

A Jersey Mike’s Giant Sub typically contains approximately 1560 calories.

The number of calories can change based on the specific ingredients and toppings you opt for in your sub, so it’s wise to consult the nutritional information for your customized sub to obtain an exact calorie estimate.

Which sandwiches do people like the most at Jersey Mike’s?

Some of the most popular sandwiches at Jersey Mike’s, beloved by many customers, include the Big Kahuna Cheesesteak, Mike’s Famous Philly, and the Grilled Portabella Mushroom & Swiss.

These sandwiches are favorites due to their unique flavors and high-quality ingredients, making them go-to for many Jersey Mike’s fans.

What does Jersey Mike’s put on their sandwiches?

Jersey Mike’s signature touch on their sandwiches includes a flavorful combination of red wine vinegar and an olive oil blend.

This unique dressing adds a tangy and savory element to their subs, enhancing the fresh ingredients’ taste.

On A Final Note

Jersey Mike’s Giant Sub is a remarkable sandwich, measuring 15 inches long.

It’s perfect for sharing and capable of filling the bellies of about four individuals, making it an ideal choice for gatherings or when you’re looking for a hearty meal.

The giant sub stands out as a more substantial option When compared to the regular sub, which is 7 inches in length.

What makes Jersey Mike’s subs truly exceptional are their unique features. They use top-quality premium brands for meats and cheeses, ensuring an authentic and delicious taste.

Now, if you’re craving a giant sub to share with friends or savoring the authentic taste of their premium ingredients, Jersey Mike’s delivers an outstanding sub experience that’s hard to beat.


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