Which Country Eats The Most Brussel Sprouts

Which Country Eats the Most Brussels Sprouts? Surprising Stats

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Have you ever wondered which country consumes the largest amount of Brussels sprouts? Despite their small size, these green veggies are packed with flavor and offer various health benefits. Although I personally enjoy them, others may not share the same preference.

But there’s one country where Brussels sprouts are a big deal and find their way onto many dinner plates.

Let’s take a tasty journey worldwide and discover which nation can proudly claim the most prominent Brussels sprouts fan title.

Spoiler alert: it might surprise you!

Which Country Consumes the Most Brussels Sprouts?

Cooked Brussels Sprouts

The United Kingdom takes the crown when it comes to Brussels sprouts [1] consumption.

In this nation, these little green balls of goodness aren’t just another veggie; they’re a tradition, especially around Christmas. 

“I love nature like nothing else. Before I moved to Switzerland, my home was a flat in London with a garden. In those snatched moments away from dance, I did typical weekend things like pruning, planting, and weeding. I planted fruit trees and even had a vegetable garden, but I wasn’t around enough, so it was a disaster.”

– Sylvie Guillem, French Ballet Dancer

Millions of Brits can’t imagine their festive feasts without a serving of sprouts on the side. It’s not just about the taste but also the rich tradition that turns an ordinary green vegetable into something of a national treasure. 

In the UK, Brussels sprouts are much more than a dish; they’re a cherished holiday tradition bringing families together, one tasty bite at a time.

How Do They Cook Them?

In the United Kingdom, Brussels sprouts are often boiled or steamed to tender perfection and serve as a classic accompaniment to a roast dinner, especially during Christmas. 

But these aren’t your average boiled sprouts; they are often jazzed up with delightful additions like chestnuts [2], bacon, or fresh herbs to elevate their flavor. 

With a dash of salt and pepper a knob of butter melting over the top, and you’ve got a simple yet teeming dish with homely flavors. 

This mix of tradition and the art of balancing simplicity with flavor makes British Brussels sprouts a cherished delicacy. 

Why Are Brussels Sprouts So Popular There?

The popularity of Brussels sprouts in the United Kingdom is rooted in tradition. These green gems have earned their place on the British table, especially during the festive season. 

When Christmas rolls around, Brussels sprouts become more than a vegetable – they’re part of the holiday spirit, bringing a touch of green to plates adorned with roasted meats and rich gravies. 

Their distinct, earthy flavor, which can be transformed with a touch of seasoning or accompaniments, is awaited with anticipation. 

The Brits have embraced Brussels sprouts as a nostalgic element of their culinary heritage, linking generations through shared meals and cherished memories. 

But why are Brussels sprouts in restaurants so much better?

How Many Brussels Sprouts Do They Eat?

Bowl of Brussels Sprouts

The numbers are astonishing regarding the UK’s love affair with Brussels sprouts. Around Christmas alone, the British are known to consume up to a staggering 100 million Brussels sprouts. 

It’s a festive tradition, and many people feel that Christmas dinner would be incomplete without them. Supermarkets and stores stack bags upon bags of these green delights, ready to make their annual journey to dining tables nationwide. 

“In a world as diverse as the variety of Brussels sprouts, there’s a nation where these little green wonders aren’t just a meal but a celebration, a place where each sprout tells a tale of cultural love and culinary tradition!”

– Eat Pallet Restaurant & Food Advice

It’s a green wave of festive flavor that symbolizes the arrival of holiday cheer in households from London to Liverpool, proving that in the UK, Brussels sprouts aren’t just eaten; they’re celebrated!

Are There Special Varieties Grown There?

Indeed, the United Kingdom’s love for Brussels sprouts has given rise to special varieties tailored to please the British palate. 

Farmers and growers have cultivated types like the ‘Maximus’ variety, renowned for its larger size and milder, sweeter flavor, aiming to please even those typically sprout-averse. 

The ‘Flower Sprout is a hybrid between Brussels sprouts and kale, boasting a more delicate taste and frilly, eye-catching appearance. 

These bespoke varieties exemplify the UK’s enduring love affair with sprouts, where traditional farming meets innovation to produce Brussels sprouts that are not just eaten but truly savored.

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How do British growers make Brussels sprouts taste sweeter?

They cultivate particular varieties like ‘Maximus,’ which are naturally milder and sweeter, and use specific farming techniques to enhance the flavor.

Are Brussels sprouts popular in the UK year-round or just at Christmas?

While they’re a staple at Christmas, Brussels sprouts are enjoyed throughout the fall and winter, making them a seasonal favorite.

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Key Takeaways

The United Kingdom is the clear winner when munching on Brussels sprouts. These green delights are a British favorite, especially during the festive Christmas season.

Whether it’s the tradition, the special recipes, or the unique varieties grown, the UK’s love for Brussels sprouts is undeniable. 

So, if you’re ever in Britain during the holidays, don’t be surprised to see these little green gems gracing every dinner table, uniting families in a delicious, time-honored tradition. 

In the world of Brussels sprouts, the UK is king!


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