How To Cook Frozen Diced Potatoes In The Oven

How To Cook Frozen Diced Potatoes In The Oven? Solved

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If you find yourself pressed for time, cooking frozen diced potatoes in the oven is a simple solution. In just a matter of minutes, you’ll have a delicious dish ready to be enjoyed.

If you are looking for ways how to cook frozen diced potatoes in the oven, the search is over now. This article will tackle ways to cook frozen diced potatoes and some tips to make this method more effective. 

5 Ways to Cook Frozen Diced Potatoes in the Oven

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1. Preheat the Oven

Turn the oven temperature to 425 degrees Fahrenheit to preheat. 

2. Oil the Baking Sheet

Spray your baking sheet with cooking oil to prevent potatoes from sticking on the sheet. Alternatively, you can utilize parchment paper or a non-stick baking sheet. 

3. Place the Frozen Diced Potatoes

Now place the frozen diced potatoes in a single layer onto the sheet (or pan). 

4. Bake for 20-30 Minutes

Keeping the same temperature, bake the frozen diced potatoes for around 20 to 30 minutes. Note that diced potatoes should be baked for 10 minutes before being flipped and baked for another 10 minutes until they are crispy and golden brown.

5. Remove From the Oven

After the baking time, remove the pan from your oven. Don’t forget to use oven mitts or potholders to safeguard your hands from scalding. 

Is Thawing Necessary Before Cooking? 

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It’s not necessary to thaw frozen diced potatoes before cooking. You can skip thawing or defrosting. Normally, frozen diced potatoes are cooked already.

So you should not worry about thawing them before cooking to ensure that you cook them thoroughly. 

Thawing frozen diced potatoes can make cooking easier, but they may lose texture, flavor, and color. If you want to thaw them, make sure you follow the cooking times correctly as per the instructions on the packaging.

Frozen diced hash browns can be cooked without freezing in various ways, including boiling, frying (in oil or butter), baking, microwaving, and slow cooking.

But if you opt to thaw them, you can thaw frozen diced potatoes in your refrigerator, letting them sit overnight. You can also place the frozen diced potatoes in a large bowl and microwave them for 10 minutes on the defrost setting.

Are Frozen Diced Potatoes Cooked? 

Yes, most brands of frozen potato dice are cooked and ready to eat. They were steamed or boiled first, then frozen once they cooled down.

Diced potatoes are Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) [1], which means they are cooked before freezing. When you pull them out, this process seals in the flavor and makes them easier to cook.

If you buy frozen diced potatoes from the grocery store, you should check the packaging to see if any additional cooking time is required. But how do you cook smoked turkey legs in the oven?

Should You Microwave It Before Baking? 


You can microwave frozen diced potatoes, but we highly suggest not doing so. Why? Because microwaving or even boiling dice potatoes will take out all their nutrients. 

Potatoes contain high vitamin C and potassium [2] and are healthy in moderation as long as you don’t overcook them. 

Also, potatoes have sodium and iron; an excess of either can make them tough, while a deficiency can keep them rock solid throughout.

You wouldn’t want to add extra steps (microwaving it) to baking potatoes in the oven because the process is so simple.

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Is It Quicker to Bake or Boil Frozen Diced Potatoes?

Boiling frozen diced potatoes is quicker than baking. Most people who cook potatoes in a pot do so by heating water to a rolling boil (usually for about 30-40 mins).

If you opt for a quicker method, you can oven-roast the frozen diced potatoes. Due to the higher cooking temperature required for oven roasts, preparation time is reduced (usually about 10-15 mins).

Alternatively, stove cooking might be faster than oven roasting. However, you’ll get a crispier finish if you opt for oven roasting.

You can try baking or oven-roasting frozen diced potatoes if you want the quickest method. Find out how to cook bottom round steak in the oven here.


How do you make frozen diced potatoes crispy in the oven?

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit to make frozen diced potatoes crispy, and coat the baking tray with olive oil. Bake for less than 5 minutes.

Add the frozen diced potatoes to the now hot baking dish and coat with the heated oil. Bake for around 20-30 minutes, or until lightly browned.

What is the ideal oven temperature to cook frozen diced potatoes?

The ideal temperature to cook frozen diced potatoes is 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, let your frozen diced potatoes be baked or cooked for about 20 to 30 minutes.

The heat from the oven and the cooking time is enough to make delicious and crispy diced potatoes. 

How do you cook frozen O’Brien potatoes in the oven?

Preheat your baking dish with a little oil to cook frozen O’Brien potatoes in the oven.

Then, add frozen O’Brien potatoes and bake at medium heat (around 375 degrees Fahrenheit). Every 7 minutes, rotate the O’Brien hash brown potatoes to ensure consistent baking.

In Conclusion

Cooking frozen diced potatoes in the oven is a quick and simple way to prepare your meal.

You can serve diced potatoes as a side dish or savor them alone. We hope you found this guide useful. Enjoy cooking!


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