Can You Eat A Sweet Potato With Sprouts

Can You Eat A Sweet Potato With Sprouts? Solved

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Sweet potatoes, which belong to the Morning Glory family, are a type of root vegetable that can be considered as a natural storage space. They contain high amounts of beta-carotene and Vitamin C, which are crucial nutrients for our bodies. Nevertheless, if left on the kitchen counter, these sweet potatoes will start to sprout.

People who love cooking hesitate to serve sprouted vegetables because of possible toxins. But sweet potato sprouts are different. So can you eat a sweet potato with sprouts? Let’s find out.

Sweet Potato With Sprouts: Is It Safe To Eat?

sweet potatoes with sprout on a wooden table

Yes, sweet potato with sprouts is safe to eat because it is edible, delicious, and has the same nutritional value as the root. These sprout stalks are tender leaves that spring up after a few weeks of exposure to a sufficient temperature.

Sweet potatoes sprout if left for a while in the pantry. But the spring leaves do not affect the taste, and you can eat sweet potatoes even with them.

There are many ways to cook and eat sprouted sweet potatoes. It is recommended to cook the sprouted sweet potatoes so the starch can be easy to digest.

But why are sweet potatoes so hard to cut?

Why Is It Okay to Eat?

It is okay to eat a sprouted sweet potato because the springs don’t affect the nutritional value of the seeds. The stalks are edible and have vitamins like fiber and calcium that could help boost your immune system.

Sprouting sweet potatoes can be safe to consume if the sprout is fresh and hasn’t dried out. Some people include sprouts in their diet because they are rich in nutrients that could help the digestive system.

Eating sprouted sweet potatoes is safe for pregnant and lactating women because it could help prevent Vitamin A deficiency for eye health. [1] Find out if you can eat over medium eggs if you’re pregnant here.

Why Do Sweet Potatoes Sprout?

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Sweet potatoes tend to sprout because of the temperature. If you store them on an open shelf at room temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit and leave them for two weeks, the natural process of sprouting will start to occur.

To prevent a sweet potato from sprouting, you should store them at 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit with a 60-70% humidity level which is hard to achieve in the home kitchen. But since sweet potato sprouts are edible, there’s no need to prevent sprouting. [2] 

Having sweet potato sprouts is like having two food in one. You can cook your sprouting sweet potatoes in the usual way and toss the stalks into your salad. But how much does an average potato weigh?

How To Eat It

There are many ways to eat sprouted sweet potatoes. You can bake, boil, or stir-fry them. The young leaves can be mixed with your salads; just remove the sprouted part, clean them thoroughly and toss.

You can add crunch and serve your sweet potato sprouts raw with spinach and dressing. Whichever way you want to serve and eat sprouted sweet potatoes will not lessen their nutrients even though it has sprouted before cooking.

Just ensure that your sprouted sweet potatoes are fresh and not contaminated. But is it okay to eat raw spaghetti squash?

When Is It Not Safe to Eat Sweet Potato With Sprouts?

sweet potatoes on a colander

Foul Odor

Like any other food, sweet potatoes can spoil if stored improperly. One of the most noticeable signs that sweet potatoes are not safe to consume anymore is if it smells different and has a foul odor.

If it doesn’t smell sweet or earthy, then it is already rotten and not safe. To avoid health risks, you should dump your sweet potatoes immediately as soon as you smell something odd.



If sweet potatoes have gone bad, the most common sign that can be noticed first is the change in their color. Whatever color of sweet potatoes you have, if it goes rotten, brown to dark spots will start to spread all over it with foul-smelling leaks. This is because the sugar content has started to break down inside the sweet potatoes

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Changes in Texture

Fresh and safe sweet potatoes are hard and firm. When it’s rotten and unsafe for human consumption, its texture feels mushy and soft when you squeeze it. Even the sprouts will start to melt on the edges when it is spoiled.

If you’re going to buy sweet potatoes in the market, always choose the firm ones. To test it, squeeze it. If it’s soft, it is a sign that it is spoiled.

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Odd Taste 

Rotten sprouted sweet potatoes aren’t safe for consumption. But if you accidentally have a spoiled one, you’ll notice first the difference in its taste and flavor. Fresh ones have a great flavor, and the bad ones are sour. If it tastes terrible and sour, it means that it’s rotten.

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Does sweet potato with sprouts contain toxins?

No. Sweet potato with sprouts doesn’t contain any toxins. Stalks of sprouted sweet potatoes are nutritious and safe for eating, unlike regular potato sprouts.

What can you do with a sweet potato that has sprouted?

If a sweet potato has sprouted, you can remove the stalks and mix your salad or keep them preserved in a jam jar. If you don’t plan to cook them, you can plant your sprouted sweet potatoes so you’ll have more sweet potatoes in the following season.


Sprouted sweet potatoes are safe for consumption even if it has started the sprouting process. They are enriched with nutrients and antioxidants that help the brain function and prevent memory loss.

People are hesitant to consume the sprouts because standard potatoes with sprouts aren’t safe to eat. Such is not the case with sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes with sprouts are safe to eat unless they are rotten.


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