Do You Need To Peel Ginger Before Juicing

Do You Need To Peel Ginger Before Juicing? Solved

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Ginger is commonly known for its ability to reduce inflammation and is widely used as a natural treatment.

Mix ginger extract and honey in hot water, and you’ll have your own herbal tea to lower blood sugar, which could also ease some digestive issues.

But because ginger is also a root crop, it is coated with layers of dirt and needs cleaning before juicing.

So do you need to peel ginger before juicing? Is ginger peel poisonous? Let’s find out.

Should You Peel Ginger Before Juicing?

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No, you don’t need to peel your ginger before juicing it. The juicer works to extract the juice from the pulp and skin.

We all know that ginger has a strong flavor that is also used to spice up some dishes. And that spicy flavor has a lot of health benefits and nutritional value. [1]

That strong flavor is because of the fresh ginger root, and the skin has another level of bitter taste that could add flavor to the fresh juices if you leave it on before juicing.

However, others peel their ginger to completely remove the outer skin where dirt and pesticides might have attached to the skin while growing.

But it can also be done by cleaning every inch of it thoroughly.


Benefits of Peeling Ginger

Ease in Juicing

Mature ginger tends to have thicker and harder peel because of aging or too much exposure to the air.

Peeled ginger will make it easier for you to extract the fresh flesh inside and decrease the bitterness of the juice.

Ginger peels taste bitter because of age and artificial and toxic processes they go through while growing on some farms.

Ensure Cleanliness 

Gingers are root crops buried under the soil. That’s why most of it is covered with dirt, and some are over-exposed to pesticides.

It is better to peel ginger quickly before juicing to prevent the spread of contamination.

The essence of peeling ginger is for it to be completely safe. The pesticides attached to the outer skin of the ginger root are toxic and could put our life in danger if ingested.

Does Peeling Ginger Change The Flavor of Ginger Juice?

peeling a ginger

No, peeling ginger doesn’t change the flavor of the juice. The juice is still spicy and pungent, with the same benefits you need for your health.

If you remove the ginger peels, the taste will be fresher and better because of the new ginger root under the old skin.

Ginger peel tastes bitter because of its thicker composition and exposure to light and air. Some people peel their ginger because the juicer can’t peel it off.

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Is Ginger Skin Good For Health?

Yes, once cleaned, ginger skin is also good for our health. The ginger peel might look rough and smell pungent, but it also has nutrients that our body needs.

Adding ginger peel to perfume steamed vegetables, salad dressings, ginger plum, or smoothies will increase the content of fiber, calcium, iron, and potassium, plus a kicking taste for your recipes. [2]

Ginger peel has the same nutrients as the fresh side. It could also help with a sore throat and the prevention of heart disease.

Others peel them off because the outer layer is thicker, dirty, and has been exposed to pesticides that could cause health risks.

4 Steps on How to Juice Ginger

1. Wash Thoroughly

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You must wash your ginger thoroughly under running water or a basin of cold water with a small brush.

Go through the edges and corners of your ginger and ensure all the dirt has been removed.

It is essential to clean the ginger first to remove the dirt and pesticide residue on the skin and to avoid any health complications and additional unpleasant taste to your ginger extract tea. But what should you do if you don’t have a food processor?

2. Peel the Skin

Peeling the skin of the ginger is optional, especially for those that grow their own ginger in the garden or get it at an organic farm. 

It depends on your personal preference to remove the skin or not. And if you don’t, consider the capacity of your juicer to peel vegetables like ginger.

Choose fresh gingers so your peeler will work just fine. But you must remember that if the ginger peel is thin, it hasn’t developed a thicker shield from dirt or organic fertilizers.

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3. Chop In Small Pieces

Place the ginger on a wooden chop board and slice them into small cuts. The smaller, the better because some blenders have smaller openings.

Small cuts are easier to squeeze to produce juices.

Chopping them into pieces will give your blender an easier task to get it well done without any hassle of blocking or catching the piece between the opening.

4. Use a Juicer

juicing a ginger

Using a juicer for ginger tea recipes is very convenient. You don’t have to boil your ginger slices to extract because the equipment will do the work for you.

The juice machine could also peel off the ginger, but the thicker and harder skin might not work on the juicer.

If peeling for you is a hassle, buy fresh ginger, so the juicer can handle the ginger peel. Organic ginger is also better because it doesn’t have chemicals.


Is it better to peel ginger before juicing?

Yes, it is better to peel ginger before squeezing its juice. It is to ensure that the extract you’ll get is free from any bacteria and toxins from the outer layer of ginger.

It is also better to peel ginger so your juicer can juice it with no hassle due to thick ginger peels. Thicker skin might also prolong the juicing process.

What is the best way to juice ginger?

According to juicer reviews, the best way to juice ginger and other fruits is by using the best juicer, like masticating juicers or triturating juicers.

It is to ensure to get pure ginger juice from the pulp than the traditional way of juicing it. But you have to note that juicers might not handle juicing with skin.

Final Thoughts

We conclude that you don’t have to peel ginger before juicing it as long as the outer layer is cleaned thoroughly. But like we said, older ginger peel might be hard to process for your juicer.

Whichever way you want to juice your ginger—peeled or unpeeled—always ensure to wash it properly. Remember that you’re juicing ginger because of its nutrients.

If dirt mixed up with your juice, it is no longer healthy.




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