Is Coconut Milk Supposed To Be Chunky 

Is Coconut Milk Supposed To Be Chunky? Answered

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If you have opened a can of coconut milk and see chunks floating in it, do not be alarmed. It is not spoiled. The clumps are completely normal and can occur due to different factors, whether the coconut milk is light or rich with cream.

But how was this possible? Is coconut milk supposed to be chunky? Is it safe to consume? Let’s all answer these questions in this article.   

Should Coconut Milk Be Chunky? 

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Chunky coconut milk is normal, and if a recipe calls for coconut cream, this will be what you want. The blend of the liquid and cream together creates a consistency similar to heavy cream.

If you open a coconut milk can, you’ll notice that it has a thick, solidified cream on top and a syrup-like liquid at the bottom. 

However, some cans of coconut milk don’t have thick cream at the top. This depends on the brand; some cans will have thick cream at the top, while others will have thick cream mixed in. 

If you have coconut cream in your can when it’s opened, you can scoop out the thicker chunks and use them in recipes that need coconut cream.

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Why Is It Chunky? 

Water Ratio

The coconut milk’s water content is less dense than its coconut content. So, it is normal for coconut milk to be thick and creamy.

Since coconut is high in fat and has a less dense water content, it makes coconut milk more creamy, leading to chunkiness. But can you use milk instead of water for pancakes?

Fat Levels

Almost any type of coconut milk will be thick and chunky when you open it. This is because it’s made by blending water and coconut. 

Coconut milk is more creamy because it’s high in fat and less dense. Over time, the lighter part of the coconut milk mixture will separate from the water and become more creamy.


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Coconut milk is a 100% organic product with a low solidifying temperature, around 14 degrees Celcius. 

So if you store the coconut milk [1] below this temp range, the contents will starts to thicken and eventually solidify. 

Even in a cold temp, there are times that when you keep it in your pantry or food storage, it will solidify or, if not, a little chunky. 

Is Coconut Milk Bad If It Has Chunks? 

No. If the coconut milk has chunks, it doesn’t mean it’s already bad. 

However, if the chunks appear darker in color with a mold buildup and start curling, it’s a clear sign that it has gone bad and must be discarded immediately. 

Is Chunky Coconut Milk Safe To Consume?

Yes. Chunky coconut milk is safe to consume. Like we’ve said earlier, it’s normal for coconut milk to form chunks on top (but make sure it’s not spoiled yet). 

It is normal for coconut milk to separate, and clumping the fattier part of the milk is also desirable.

Should I Remove The Chunks in the Coconut Milk?

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No. You don’t necessarily have to remove the chunks in the coconut milk (but if you want, you can do so). 

To get rid of the chunks, stir them with the creamy liquid at the bottom. 

After making a good stir, the chunks and liquid will mix, creating the normal coconut milk consistency. 

How To Tell If It Has Gone Bad? 

  • Smell

To determine if coconut milk is bad, it’s important to do a smell test. The sourer it is, the more spoiled it is. If you smell something rancid, it has gone bad and must be discarded. 

On the other hand, if it’s sweet, you’re in the clear. Make sure to use it right away to avoid spoilage. 

  • Taste

Do a taste test if you’re not convinced sniffing it. If you get a sour taste, it’s a clear sign that it’s no longer recommended for use. Remember that spoiled coconut milk may go rancid, giving a sour taste. 


Is it okay if my coconut milk is solid?

Yes, it’s okay if the coconut milk is solid. It should be creamy and thick, not runny like milk. This type of consistency is perfect because you easily scoop it out of the can. 

What consistency should coconut milk be?

Coconut milk should have a creamy and thick consistency. You can achieve this consistency if you use coconut milk immediately. 


Getting chunky coconut milk is completely normal. It is safe to consume, and it’s possible due to its water ratio (in the making process), fat levels, and how it’s been stored. 

But not all coconut milk that has chunks are good. It may go bad (of course), and you can tell it’s spoiled if it gives off a rancid smell and sour tang. If so, throw it right away.  


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