How To Use Whirlpool Oven For The First Time

How To Use Whirlpool Oven For The First Time? Solved

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Whirlpool is a renowned brand in the home appliance industry. If you are a newcomer to using Whirlpool appliances, understanding the operation of a Whirlpool oven may seem daunting at first.

Whirlpool ovens are just like any other oven brands out there. But just to make sure, this guide will give you essential steps and tips for using your new Whirlpool oven. Let’s start. 

4 Steps to Use Whirlpool Oven for the First Time 

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1. Remove Protective Cardboard and Transparent Films

A newly bought whirlpool oven comes with protective boards and clear films. So when you unbox, make sure to remove all that before using the oven. You may not want to burn such things inside your new oven when you preheat it later. 

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2. Detach All the Accessories 

Next, check all the accessories that come with the oven. The accessories may vary depending on the model of the Whirlpool oven you’ve purchased. But in most cases, it may include the following:

Wire shelf: This accessory is used for cooking food and supports cake tins, pans, or any cookware you use. 

Drip Tray: This is used as a try for cooking fish, meat, vegetables, etc. Or, you can put it under the wire shelf to hold dripping oils or juices.

Baking Tray: This tray is used for baking cookies, bread, or pastries. Also, you can use it for roasting fish, chicken, or any meat you want.   

But be it any accessory, you must remove them from the oven first.

3. Identify the Functions of the Control Panel 

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Selection Knob

The selection knob is for selecting the function you want. You can switch off your Whirlpool oven by twisting this knob to “O.” 

Timer Knob

This is your oven’s timer. No need to activate or switch it on/off; just your guide.  

Thermostat Knob

This knob is for setting the temperature you want and activating your desired function. 

LED Thermostat

This panel will switch on when you’re using the oven. It automatically turns off once the oven reaches your desired heat. 

3. Heat the Oven to 200 – 350 °C for About an Hour

After removing the boards, plastics, and other accessories from your Whirlpool oven, you can preheat it to 200-300 degrees celsius for an hour.

Every 15 minutes, upgrade the temperature by 50 degrees until it reaches the max temp. This way, it will release odors that remained during its manufacturing.

While preheating the oven, you’ll see that the LED Thermostat [1] turns on, which means the process is going on. But when it turns off, it only means your oven reaches the temperature you set earlier.

After you preheat the Whirlpool oven, let it cool for some time, then you can now put back the accesories. 

The wire shelf should be placed on the level you need by holding it slightly upward and resting the rear side down first. Then, slide it along the shelf runners as if it were a typical shelf.

The other accessories, like the baking tray, should be inserted horizontally. Once done, you can now proceed with cooking or baking. But why are wall ovens so expensive?  

Things To Remember 

It Will Smoke, But It’s Normal

When preheating the oven, it will release odors in the form of smoke. So, if your oven smokes a bit, it’s absolutely normal. Nothing to worry about here as the smoke contains odors, which you really need to get rid of. But how long can you use the oven after using an Easy Off?

Never Leave Something Inside 

It is important to detach all the accessories and not leave anything inside when you preheat the oven. That way, you can remove all the lingering odors from its manufacturing, like the smell of plastic. Find out if you can use toothpicks in the oven here.

Heat Should Gradually Rise

During the preheating process, expect the oven’s heat will rise gradually as it reaches the set temperature. Once the process starts, all you need to do is wait for the preheating to complete. But can you place butcher paper in the oven?

Why Should You Heat Whirlpool Oven For The First Time?

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New Whirlpool ovens can release certain types of odors that have been left behind after the manufacturing process has been completed. To remove these, we recommend heating the oven before cooking.

Also, placing any food before without preheating the oven (or you didn’t finish the preheating process) can impose harmful effects on your cooking result. The food may acquire a strange smell, or it can have an unpleasant taste. 

Kitchen Note: We suggest airing your kitchen area after using your Whirlpool oven for the very first time.  


Do you have to burn-in a new Whirlpool oven?

Yes, you have to burn-in a new Whirlpool oven before using it. This will burn away any protective coating on your oven, so it won’t affect the food you cook. 

Why is my new Whirlpool oven smoking?

Your new Whirlpool oven is smoking as it burns and releases left-behind odors or factory coatings. It is normal for modern ovens to release smoke as their factory coatings are oil-based, which produces smoke when burned or exposed to heat. 

How do I turn my Whirlpool oven on for the first time?

You can turn your Whirlpool oven for the first time by setting selecting the function and temperature. After that, the LED thermostat will automatically switch on, which means your oven is now operating. 

In Conclusion

Now you know how to use the Whirlpool oven for the first time. The steps are easy and straightforward: remove protective materials, detach accessories, familiarize the knobs, and preheat the oven.

Also, don’t forget the tips and factors to consider so you can use the oven without any problem or hesitation. 


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