How To Turn Off Whirlpool Smart Double Oven

How To Turn Off Whirlpool Smart Double Oven

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Are you having trouble figuring out how to turn off your Whirlpool Smart Double Oven?

Look no further, as this our team will guide you through the process of turning off your oven using the control panel.

Whether you’re trying to conserve energy or need to turn off the oven for cleaning, this article will provide step-by-step instructions to make the process as simple and easy as possible.

5 Easy Steps To Turn Off Whirlpool Smart Double Oven (Mystery Solved!)

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1. Press The Power/Upper Button 

To turn off your whirlpool smart double oven, first press the power or upper button. You can find the start or cancel button at the top of the oven.

You might not find a button, but you will see the upper and lower buttons on the LCD. Press the upper button to start turning it off.


2. Check the Upper Oven on the Top Left of the Screen

After finding the power button, check the upper oven on the top left of the screen. If the icon’s color is black, it’s OFF. If the icon’s color is white, it is still ON.

3. Press The Power/Upper Button Again

Next, press the power of the upper button again. In most whirlpool smart ovens, there are two power buttons. Upper and Lower both have the power button icon.

4. You’ll Hear A Chime & See A Clock Display

After pressing the upper button, you should hear a chime sound, and a clock display will appear. You may set a timer when baking so the smart oven will turn off automatically.

Just select ‘cooking’ and choose ‘bake’ in the options. A number pad will show on the screen, and you may start setting a timer on your baking.

5. Wait Until the Temperature Goes Down

After following all the steps above, wait until the oven temperature goes down. Check the upper icon. If it’s black, it is OFF.

Why Won’t It Turn Off?

It Is Set to Bake

The whirlpool will not turn off even if you’re turning it off if it is set to bake. It should finish the set timer of baking before it can be turned OFF.

It Is Self-Cleaning

The appliance must be self-cleaning if the Whirlpool smart oven doesn’t shut off. Smart appliances have this mode of self-cleaning for convenience.

You should take note of the schedule you set for the smart oven for self-cleaning. Light cleaning is usually enough for two hours and longer for a dirty oven.

There’s A Faulty Heating Element

If you’ve checked every possible reason why your Whirlpool smart oven won’t turn off, there must be a faulty heating element inside the oven. [1

Why Is It Hard To Turn Off Whirlpool Smart Double Oven?

oven control knob

Whirlpool Smart double Oven takes time to turn off even if you have turned it off; the sensor settings depend on the user’s input.

“It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.”

– Clive James, Broadcaster and Journalist

The control board will send voltages to the heating elements. If a relay shorts out, the board may send continuous voltage and keep heating even if the controls have been turned off. [2] 

How To Turn It Off If It Won’t Turn Off

To turn off an oven that won’t turn off, find the circuit breaker box first, then turn the oven’s power off. Next, detach the oven door as directed by the manufacturer.

Remove the cables from the oven door switch after that. Finally, install a new oven door switch and reinstall the power cables.


u003cstrongu003eDo Whirlpool smart double ovens turn off automatically?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, Whirlpool smart double ovens turn off automatically when the timer for cooking ends. The oven will turn off automatically and flash “END” on the LCD.

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the sound I hear in the double oven when I turn it off? u003c/strongu003e

The sound you hear in the double oven when turning it off comes from the running cooling fans helping to cool down the oven temperature.

Key Takeaways

Whirlpool Smart Double Ovens are sometimes difficult to operate, especially when turning it off. Take note of the following on how to shut the oven off:

  • Click the Upper Button to turn it OFF.
  • The icon color must be black—Black means OFF.
  • It won’t turn off if it’s in baking and self-cleaning mode.
  • The noises as it turns off are the cooling fans.
  • Call the troubleshooter to check the heating elements if it doesn’t shut down.


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