How Many Oysters Can You Eat In A day

How Many Oysters Can You Eat In A Day? Answered (2023)

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Oysters are a famous delicacy that can be eaten in many ways. You can grill, fry, bake, boil, or even eat them raw. They also come in wide varieties and are available all over the world.

But how many oysters can you eat in a day? Let’s find out.

How Many Oysters Can You Eat In One Sitting?

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Oysters are an irresistible dish on your table. But only six oysters per person is the average human consumption for the main course, and if served as an appetizer, three to four oysters per person are enough to consume.

However, the answer to this question will also vary depending on who you’re asking. People in the coastal areas may eat a dozen or more, while others can only eat one at a time.

Knowing about oysters’ nutritional health benefits and disadvantages is essential to avoid overconsumption and health risks.

Is Eating Too Many Bad For Your Health?

Yes, eating too many oysters is terrible for your health as it may lead to food poisoning due to zinc toxicity.

Mollusks are composed of beneficial vitamins and minerals that our body needs, but excessive intake can cause negative health effects. [1]

Overdosage of zinc competes and reduces the level of copper and iron in the body, leading to impaired immune functions and anemia. Eating too many raw oysters is also not advisable because they may carry harmful bacteria and viruses. 

Health organizations advised people to consume cooked oysters rather than raw or undercooked oysters. Find out how long can clams live out of water here.

Can You Eat Oysters Everyday?

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You can, but we do not recommend it. Oyster consumption daily is not a good idea because it contains minerals that could be harmful when taken excessively. 

Buy oysters cautiously because they have a short shelf life and are often contaminated with a toxin called domoic acid before being sold. Symptoms include stomach pains and nausea.

You could also get liver disease by eating contaminated raw mollusks because of an infectious organism called vibrio bacteria found in an oyster soaked in warm water on the Gulf coast during summer. [2]

Benefits Of Eating Oysters

Eating oysters have many benefits. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help prevent heart disease.

They have low-calorie content and antioxidant properties. Smoked oysters are healthy and are high in selenium, a mineral that protects the thyroid against cancer.

A 3.5oz serving of medium oysters has over 100% of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin B12, Zinc, Copper, and Selenium. Moreover, an oyster has a high content of manganese and phosphorus.

Best Way To Eat Oysters

There are many ways to cook and enjoy oysters. If you’re eating outside and the restaurant setting is seafood, order fully-cooked oysters and pair them with a hot sauce or a cocktail sauce.

There are also canned oysters, which you can use to make oyster soup. Stewed or fresh smaller oysters are usually paired with lemon juice. Eating raw oysters in a half shell with a tiny fork is what other people enjoy.

Whichever way you want to cook oysters, always track how many oysters you’ve eaten because eating too many can be bad for your health. But what should you do if you eat raw shrimp accidentally?

Most Oysters Eaten In One Sitting World Record

In 2005, French Sonya Thomas consumed 480 oysters in just over two hours, setting the record for the most oysters consumed.

A few years later, Frenchman Colin Shirlow beat the record by devouring 492 oysters in just 27 minutes.

Loic Jougla, the fourth-fastest oyster eater in the world, consumed 491 oysters in two hours and fifteen minutes in 2012.

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What happens if you eat a lot of oysters?

If you eat too many oysters, you might get an upset stomach or feel bloated. Eating too much shellfish, especially in children, is not approved by doctors because it can cause health issues. Contaminated oysters are also fatal when consumed.

When should you not eat oysters?

You should not eat an oyster when it’s Red Tide because algae would grow fast enough in the seawater, intoxicating mollusks. You can get shellfish poison by eating oysters that absorb toxins from algae.

It is also not advisable to have an oyster roast on your table during summer as the mollusks were harvested in warm water. An oyster soaked in warm sea water might already be dead and contaminated by bacteria that could give you viruses.


No matter how delicious and healthy an oyster is, too much consumption may lead to health problems.

Always be cautious when buying shellfish in the market. Some dead shellfish aren’t safe to eat anymore. 


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  1. Really? 6 oysters per person? You are obviously not from a coastal part of the country. Typically one person eats at least a peck of oysters which is well over 6.

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