How Long is Miracle Whip Good For

How Long is Miracle Whip Good For? Answered

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Kraft Miracle Whip Cream is a popular substitute for mayonnaise that not only offers cost savings, but also has lower calorie content.

But we can’t help, but ask – how long is Miracle Whip good for? Does Miracle Whip go bad? Read on.

Miracle Whip: How Long Is It Good For?

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A jar of Miracle Whip Cream usually has a six-month shelf life from the manufacturing printed date. It can last a few more months upon opening when refrigerated.

If the unopened jar of miracle whip is frozen, it could last up to a year with precautions in using the contents to avoid contamination. If the cream is chilled and you seldom use it, the content could last up to six months.

Miracle Whip Cream has more water content and is lower in calories than mayo. However, it has high fructose corn syrup, which makes it a not so healthier option as an egg substitute. [1]

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Miracle Whip Shelf Life


Non-Refrigerated: Unopened bottles of non-refrigerated Miracle Whip can last a single week past its best-by date. It is advisable not to consume it if it is not refrigerated about a month past its due date as it may already have botulinum toxin.

Refrigerated: Jars of refrigerated and unopened Miracle Whip last up to two months past its best-by date.  

Unopened bottles have printed instructions in storing miracle whip properly and can last longer in the fridge without completely freezing it. To avoid contamination, it is better to refrigerate mayonnaise if you’re not using it too soon.

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Non-Refrigerated: An opened jar of non-refrigerated miracle whip cream can only last up to one week at room temperature if not stored properly.

Dishes prepared with mayo like tuna salad and not stored in the refrigerator might get spoiled easily within twenty-four hours.

If you don’t have a refrigerator and want to buy mayonnaise for your salad dressing, store them in a dark place away from direct sunlight. Most mayonnaise can last up to one week in an open jar and is non-refrigerated in a shelf-stable state.

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Refrigerated: Miracle whip lasts for months upon opening if stored in the refrigerator.

But it may get contaminated if you open it from time to time to consume it. It is better to divide the contents in plastic wrap based on the amount you need.

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Frozen: Frozen miracle whip cream can last up to a year in an opened jar. Though the flavor and consistency might not be the best-before-date, it is still safe to eat. 

Suppose you bought a jar of mayo and still have an excess with no plan of using it too soon. Freeze miracle whip to avoid any contamination.

How to Know if Miracle Whip Has Gone Bad

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If your miracle whip cream has gone bad, you’ll first notice its extra pungent smell. Food with a strong and sharp unpleasant smell is what we personally find disagreeable to eat.


An expired miracle whip often has off-color very different from what it looks like when you first open it.

It may look brownish or darker like peanut butter, depending on how many years it has expired or how much the temperature and bacteria contaminated it. 


An expired mayonnaise often has a thicker texture. An expired miracle whip might lose its creamy texture and turn lumpy that gradually solidify when left exposed to humid air. Bacteria might also develop and produce a toxin called botulinum.

Loss of Flavor

If miracle whip has gone bad, its flavor will be different from and become awful. The sourness and flavors from garlic, herbs, and paprika will be lost and replaced by a terrible spoiled taste.

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Can you eat Miracle Whip past the expiration date?

Yes, you can still eat Miracle Whip a week past its due date if it’s not refrigerated. Eating miracle whip past the expiration depends on its storage state. 

If refrigerated, it’s still safe to consume for a month after expiration. But eating expired miracle whip cream with different smells, textures, and tastes might cause food poisoning.

Is Miracle Whip mayonnaise?

No. Miracle Whip is not exactly mayonnaise. It has the same ingredients as soybean oil and eggs and has the same sour flavor but differs in nutrition content. Miracle whip has more sugar than mayo.


Miracle Whip can last for six months, depending on how you stored it.

If your Miracle whip is past its due date and can’t be eaten, you can make homemade mayonnaise with eggs and other condiments.

Take note of the pointers on what miracle whip looks like when expired to avoid food poisoning.


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