Taco Bell Sauces Ranked

12 Best Taco Bell Sauces Ranked: Expert Guide (Updated)

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Taco Bell, a fast-food outlet under the ownership of Yum! Brands, serves up American-style cuisine. The eatery assures its patrons of free sauces that complement different menu selections, as well as beneficial promotional deals.

The Taco Bell sauces can make your meal taste tremendous or provide heat to your food with an extra kick for hot sauce lovers.

We ranked Taco Bell’s sauces based on taste and texture. Let’s check them out.

Top 12 Taco Bell Sauces (Ranked & Tasted)

12. Mild Sauce

Mild Sauce on a Glass Bowl

First Impression: We expect the Mild Sauce to be a “mild” sauce, just as its name claims. Mild sauce with mild hot.

What We Think: It feels like your taste buds are hitting a mild, runny, tasteless liquid that doesn’t add flavor to your food. Plus, it makes the taco shells a bit mushy, which isn’t very appealing.

11. Reduced-Fat Sour Cream

First Impression: We expect this Taco Bell sauce to be healthy because sour cream helps the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins. [1]

What We Think: Reduced-Fat Sour Cream has fewer calories but is as tasty as traditional sour cream flavors. To give your tacos a richer flavor, the mildly tangy creaminess can enhance the flavor profile of the lettuce and tomatoes.

10. Spicy Ranch

First Impression: The smell of this spicy ranch sauce is spicy with a ranch-y hint. We expect it to be like chili peppers.

What We Think: The Spicy Ranch sauce is the hottest choice compared to the Creamy Jalapeno or Chipotle sauces, despite not being as chili as Diablo or Fire.

Nonetheless, despite the heat, it still has the coolness you anticipate in a Ranch. Water, salt, sugar, egg yolks, buttermilk, and soybean oil are just a few ingredients. It has visible spice particles and is a creamy, light yellow sauce.

9. Hot Sauce

First Impression: When we first heard “hot sauce,” the first thing that came to our mind was spicy.

What We Think: The hot sauce offers a slight but noticeable kick compared to the other sauces. If you’re a fan, the hot sauce will make you think of a hotter variation of your favorite condiment – ketchup.

It has the same ingredients and flavor as ketchup, with some sriracha sauce added to help with a low-carb diet. [2]

8. Red Sauce

First Impression: Red sauce suggests spiciness, and red means chili. We expect the red enchilada sauce to be a spicier version of the mild sauces at taco bell.

What We Think: There is no doubt that Red Enchilada Sauce is one of the best Taco Bell sauces.

The combination of tomato puree, cayenne pepper, lime juice, cumin, and a hint of chili powder produces a tasty, spicy dish and is chili enough to keep things exciting.

7. Avocado Ranch

First Impression: Avocado is used as a topping, and ranch dressing is frequently used as a dip.

What We Think: It has a mildly sweet flavor that goes well with just about anything on the menu, even dishes with vegetables.

The Avocado Ranch sauces are a pale green tint with deeper green specks. The sauce is thick, creamy, and tastes delicious, either heated or at room temperature.

6. Guacamole

Dipping Chips on a Guacamole

First Impression: Taco Bell doesn’t have Guacamole in their dishes, and this is the first time we’ll try it in nachos. We’re expecting it to taste like Avocado ranch sauce.

What We Think: Even the heaviest menu items receive an extra refreshing flavor thanks to this creamy and smooth guacamole green sauce. It tastes like avocado dip minus the ranch hint.

5. Fire Sauce

First Impression: The fire sauce packet looked and sounded like the hottest sauce among Taco Bell sauces. The Scoville heat scale gives Taco Bell’s Fire sauce a 500, which indicates that it is chili but not as chili as the top tier.

What We Think: If you have trouble handling anything hot in your food, this sauce probably isn’t for you. But this is an excellent option to spice up your tacos a little.

It tastes slightly sweet with a smokey undertone. As the name might imply, the aftertaste is also rather spicy.

4. Chipotle

First Impression: It is a creamy sauce with a light tan coloring due to dried buttermilk, dried chilis, dried onions, dried garlic, and other ingredients.

What We Think: Every other chipotle sauce we tried tastes nothing like Taco Bell’s chipotle. It tastes like nacho cheese, as you might anticipate, given Taco Bell’s menu.

3. Creamy Jalapeno

First Impression: Jalapeno is known to have a large Scoville scale from 2000 to 8000. We’re expecting it to be scorching. [3]

What We Think: Spice enthusiasts should try this sauce made of jalapeno peppers. With the ideal ratio of spice to creaminess, the Creamy Jalapeno Sauce is a flavor explosion.

You can try adding extra jalapenos to your order for the daredevils if you still feel that this creamy jalapeño sauce isn’t hot enough.

2. Nacho Cheese

First Impression: Taco Bell’s nacho cheese sauce is designed to have the appearance and texture of recently shredded, melted cheese.

What We Think: Nacho cheese sauce is an entirely liquid substance manufactured from non-fat milk, cellulose gum, whey, and vegetable oil. [4]

While heated, the sauce is rather fluid, but after it cools to room temperature, it thickens and creates skin.

1. Diablo

First Impression: Diablo sauce claims to be the hottest sauce at Taco Bell. It is hotter than chipotle sauce and jalapeno Weuce. We expected it to be intensifying. It resembles Tabasco or Frank’s Red Hot but is the restaurant’s exclusive hot sauce.

“To me, food is as much about the moment, the occasion, the location, and the company as it is about the taste.”

– Heston Blumenthal, British Chef

What We Think: The variety of peppers in Diablo, Spanish for “devil,” includes aji panca, chili, and chipotle.

It may be added to almost every dish on the menu, but bear in mind that while it adds heat, it isn’t Taco Bell’s most-tasting sauce.


u003cstrongu003eWhat’s hotter, fire sauce or Diablo sauce in Taco Bell?u003c/strongu003e

Diablo sauce is hotter than fire sauce because it combines chipotle and chili peppers. Diablo sauce is the spiciest stuff at Taco Bell’s sauces now.

u003cstrongu003eHow much is in a Taco Bell sauce packet?u003c/strongu003e

There is approximately 1 and 1/4 of a teaspoon worth of sauce inside the whole Taco Bell hot sauce flavor packet.

Final Verdict  

The hottest and chilliest spice among the best Taco Bell sauces is Diablo sauce because of its spicy ingredients. It has the perfect balance of heat and flavor.

This Taco Bell sauce is the best sauce for nacho fries that Taco Bell fans love. If you’re into hot sauces with low carbs to help you lose weight, try and eat Taco Bell hot sauces.


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