How Long Does Veggie Broth Last In The Fridge

How Long Does Veggie Broth Last In The Fridge? Answered

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One ingredient that lends itself well to a wide range of dishes is vegetable broth. Packed with essential nutrients, this versatile ingredient adds a burst of delicious flavor to soups, stews, sauces, and many other recipes.

But how long does veggie broth lasts in the fridge once it’s been opened or if you’ve made one?

Our team will provide an answer to this question, as well as offer tips on how to maximize the shelf life of vegetable broth. Read on to learn more.

How Long Will Veggie Broth Last In The Fridge?

Vegetable Broth on a white bowl

Veggie broths typically last around 3- 5 days in the fridge. This goes for both homemade and opened instant veggie broths. 

Unopened commercial veggie broths can last beyond their expiration date, provided it is stored in a cold and dry place, and there are no damages in the packaging.

To further increase its storage period, freezing it is a recommended solution. If done properly, it could last up to 6 months.


Veggie Broth Shelf Life 

Cooked Instant Veggie Broth

The cooked instant veggie broth has a 4-5 days shelf life in the fridge. However, if the instant veggie broth is unopened, it can still be safe for a couple of months past its printed date.

Instant veggie broths may have “best-by” dates listed on them, but you can ignore it since it only means that the product is in its best quality and doesn’t mean it’s not safe afterward. [1]

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Homemade Veggie Broth

Homemade veggie broth also has roughly a 4-5 days storage period in the fridge. It could spoil much sooner or later than the suggested storage time, depending on the ingredients used.

Once cooked, the homemade veggie broth should be placed in a closed container and stored in the fridge within two hours.

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Leftover Veggie Broth

Leftover veggie broth (homemade or instant) should last 3-4 days in the fridge, but it’s recommended to be consumed much sooner as it may have sat longer at room temperature.

Leftovers should be stored in the fridge right away as long exposure to air will cause them to spoil much faster and may not last longer than expected.

Frozen Veggie Broth

Freezing veggie broths is a great option if you plan to store them for a longer period. It may last up to six months, but it’s recommended to be consumed within two months for the best quality.

On the other hand, thawed veggie broth in the fridge can be stored for an additional 3-4 days. However, thawed veggie broth in the microwave or cold water should be used immediately.

How To Properly Store Veggie Broth 

Both homemade and instant veggie broth should be stored in a closed container. Store it in the fridge within two hours after cooking (homemade) or opening (instant).

If it’s a commercial veggie broth with a resealable pouch or bottle, simply seal it tightly again or transfer it to a closed container.

When freezing, cool it first and divide it into a portion for easy thawing. A portion should be enough for one consumption, so you don’t have to thaw it all when you only need a small amount.

How To Tell If It Has Gone Bad 

Veggie Broth on a stainless bowl

Foul Smell

The best and easiest way to tell the veggie broth has gone bad is by smell. If you notice a foul odor or anything that smells off, then it’s a sign that it has gone bad.

The fresh veggie broth should have a mild aroma with no noticeable smell of decay or sourness.

Funky Taste

If your vegetable broth has an off-putting flavor, then it’s likely gone bad. The vegetable broth should have a savory yet mild taste. 

“Eat your vegetables, have a positive outlook, be kind to people, and smile.”

-Dan Buettner, American National Geographic Fellow

If the broth has a sour or funky flavor, it could be due to spoilage from bacteria growth and should be discarded.


If you see any mold developing on the surface of the broth, discard it immediately. Molds can be a sign of bacterial growth and are unsafe to consume. 

If you notice any type of mold or even a change in appearance in your vegetable broth, throw out the entire batch, as it could cause food poisoning if consumed.


u003cstrongu003eHow long is vegetable broth good for after the expiration date?u003c/strongu003e

Vegetable broths can last up to 1-3 months past its expiration date, provided it is stored properly in a cool dark place away from severe temperature fluctuation.

u003cstrongu003eCan I eat veggie broth that has been in the fridge for a week?u003c/strongu003e

A veggie broth that has been in the fridge for a week can still be safe to consume as long as it has no signs of spoilage. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eBut, for safety reasons, the veggie broth should be consumed within five days in the fridge.

u003cstrongu003eWill old vegetable broth make you sick?u003c/strongu003e

Old and stale vegetable broth can be dangerous if it’s past its storage period. As suggested, it should be consumed within five days. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eLonger than that may not be safe and could result in food poisoning.

Let’s Sum It Up

Both commercial and homemade veggie broth is not much different when it comes to shelf life. They typically last between 3-5 days, and both varieties also freeze well.

When storing veggie broths in the fridge, it’s a general rule to place them in airtight or closed containers and not be left at room temperature for more than two hours.

To ensure that your stored veggie broth is safe, always look for any signs of spoilage, such as its smell, appearance, and taste. Eat safe and be healthy.


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