How Long Does Cool Whip Last In The Fridge

How Long Does Cool Whip Last In The Fridge? Solved

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Although we may wish for it to never end, Cool Whip – a beloved dessert topping created by Kraft Heinz in the USA – does have an expiration date. With its airy, whipped texture, it has the ability to transform simple fruits into delectable treats.

But how long does Cool Whip last in the fridge? Let’s all find out how long it can last and ways to store it properly.  

Cool Whip: How Long Does It Last in the Fridge? 

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Generally, Cool Whip can maintain its consistency for about two weeks. Also, how long Cool Whip last depends if it’s already opened or not, as they have different conditions. 

But did you know that if you thaw Cool Whip and put it back in your freezer, it can last for an extended period?

If you thaw it and put it back in the freezer, Cool Whip can last up to three to four months in the fridge.

Other factors influencing how long Cool Whip lasts in the fridge include the packaging date, exposure to heat, the cream type used, processing method, and storage.  

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Did You Know: Cream is a dairy product made from the high butterfat layer that is removed before homogenizing normal cow’s milk.

Heavy cream with 36 to 48% milkfat and whipping cream with 30 to 36% milkfat is used to make regular whipped cream. The Cool Whip brand uses skimmed milk, light cream, and corn syrup.   

How Long Will It Last? 


If you store Cool whip unopened, it can last in the refrigerator for one to two weeks. But when you store Cool Whip in the freezer, it can last about three to four months. 

It’s almost the same as Aerosol Whipped Cream products, where you can store it for two to three weeks in your fridge and two to three months in your freezer. 

On the other hand, some homemade whipped cream last in the fridge for two to three days. Then, it will last for about two to three months in the freezer. But how long is spinach dip good for in the fridge?


An opened Cool Whip can last in your refrigerator for seven to ten days. It can likely last for about three to four months if you try to store it in the freezer.  

Most store-bought whipped creams have “sell by” dates that you can utilize as a reference. Usually, you can still consume Cool Whip or any whipped cream brand for a little while past its expiration date.  

Can You Freeze a Cool Whip? 

You can definitely freeze Cool Whip or any whipping cream. Also, don’t hesitate to switch Cool Whip between the fridge and the freezer section (there’s no issue at all).

All you have to do is ensure it goes through the freeze-thaw cycle thoroughly each time. 

As most dessert recipes ask for only a tiny amount of Cool Whip, making it freezer-friendly and fridge-friendly is essential for longer shelf life. 

Should You Refreeze It? 

There’s no problem refreezing Cool Whip. You can refreeze it multiple times as needed. But make sure you thaw it thoroughly before refreezing it again. 

If you’re not busy, leave Cool Whip to thaw overnight in your fridge before putting it back in your freezer. Note that the refrigerator is the best place to defrost whipped topping for better results. 

But it’s not the same as freezing homemade whipped cream. If you use the frozen homemade whipped cream, we suggest not refreezing it.

The consistency and texture of the whip may alter due to freezing and defrosting. If you intend to use it for decorating, we advise you to make a new batch.

Tip: You can make a Cool Whip imitation using corn syrup, powdered sugar, and non-fat powdered milk – with a thermometer and perfect timing. You can store it for up to 12 weeks in the freezer and use it the same as store-bought Cool Whip. 

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How to Thaw Cool Whip from Freezer?

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Use the Fridge

To bring your frozen Cool Whip to a workable consistency, place it in the refrigerator to thaw. It is, nevertheless, the most time-consuming. Prep time and thawing in the refrigerator might range between four to five hours.

Utilize Microwave

If you’re in a rush, quickly thaw Cool Whip using your microwave [1]. Just do it with caution. 

Remove the tub’s lid and use the defrost option on your microwave. Warm it for 30 seconds before removing and stirring. Repeat until the mixture is smooth and ready to use. Thawing can take about two and a half to three minutes.

Again, using this approach instead of thawing in the fridge will impact the texture and consistency. Remember, you will not be able to refreeze your tub after it has been microwaved.

Leave It On the Counter

You can also thaw Cool Whip by leaving it on the countertop. However, we do not suggest this method. While you can thaw frozen Cool Whip or cream on the counter, you shouldn’t leave it at room temperature for more than two hours.  

Allowing your Cool Whip to sit out on the counter for too long can be harmful as it’s prone to molds. 

Room temperature is defined as any temperature between 68°F and 72°F. Remember that removing Cool Whip from its cold environment can cause changes in taste and texture degradation.

Dip It In Cold Water

The next best thing to using a refrigerator is a cold-water bath for your tub of Cool Whip. Submerge the tub of heavy cream in a bowl of cold water for 30 to 40 minutes.

While some people prefer using lukewarm water to thaw a frozen whipped cream, it is not a good idea. It can potentially deteriorate the cream and cause a considerable quality loss. It may even cause the frozen whip to spoil.

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How to Tell if It Has Gone Bad? 

Check the Appearance (Discoloration and Molds)

Your stored Cool Whip or any whipped cream has gone bad if you see molds. Check the whipped cream for discolorations before consuming it. If your Cool Whip turns yellow, loses its fluffiness, or liquefies, it has gone bad.

Look for a decrease in Cool Whip’s volume. This could imply a drop in quality. Check to see if the liquid has separated from the whipped cream as well. If it has separated significantly, you should discard it.

Smell It

Another way to tell if it has gone bad is by smelling it. If you get a sour smell, it could indicate that Cool Whip is already spoiled. You should throw it right away.  

Taste It

Before using the whipped cream, take a little bite and taste it. If it tastes slightly odd, you should not consume it since spoiled dairy products might make you unwell.

Tip: To maximize Cool Whip’s longevity, you can use a commercial whipped cream stabilizer. It can prevent loss of moisture, discoloration, and loss of volume. 

How Many Times Should You Refreeze a Cool Whip? 

You can refreeze a Cool Whip as many times as needed. But as we’ve said earlier, it should be thawed properly before putting it again in your freezer bag. 

Most store-bought whipped cream like Cool Whip and Aerosol Whipped Cream are freezer-friendly. You can refreeze it for several weeks without any problem. 


What is Cool Whip made from? 

Cool Whip is made from oil and water emulsified by sodium caseinate (from milk), sodium polyphosphate, and sorbitan monostearate.

It has corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, xanthan and guar gums, and polysorbate 60 [2]. And since it contains a form of milk, it’s not lactose-free.

How long can you leave Cool Whip unrefrigerated?

You can leave Cool Whip outside the refrigerator for up to two hours. Too long exposure to room temperature can decrease the quality of the cream.


You can store whipped cream like Cool Whip in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. But the storage time may vary depending on its condition: opened or unopened. 

Unopened Cool Whip can be stored in the refrigerator for one to two weeks. After opening the Cool Whip, it can be stored for around seven to ten days.

If there are leftovers, don’t worry about refreezing them. That’s completely fine as long as you properly thaw it before putting it back in the freezer. 

Additionally, be mindful of the signs of spoilage. Taste-test it, smell it, and check its appearance.


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