How Long Does Boiling Water Take To Cool

How Long Does Boiling Water Take To Cool? Answered

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Being aware of the amount of time required for boiling water to cool can significantly impact your everyday cooking schedule and help you estimate the cooking time for specific recipes.

While cooling begins as soon as the water stops boiling; reaching room temperature can take several minutes.

Keep reading to uncover how long it would take for boiling water to cool down, ways to speed up the cooling process, and all related questions. Let’s go!

How Long Does It Take To Cool Boiling Water?

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Cooling boiled water can take 45 minutes to about an hour to reach room temperature, depending on how long the water boils. How long it takes for boiling water to cool to room temperature also depends on the cooling method used.

Sometimes, it can take up to 10 to 15 minutes for the water in the kettle to cool after it has boiled. Pouring fully boiled water into an open pot allows it to cool faster, typically reaching 80 degrees in minutes.

Additionally, the boiling water in a closed container can take 45 to 50 minutes to reach room temperature. As for boiled water in properly sealed containers, the cooling rate is longer, 100 minutes or so.


Factors To Consider


Temperature is one significant factor influencing how quickly hot water (or any other hot liquids) reaches room temperature.

The boiling point of water is 212°F, and it begins to cool as soon as it is removed from the heat. Water has the unusual property of only reaching a maximum temperature of 212°F (boiling point) when the water boils.

To cool boiling water, you must slow or stop the vibrating molecules, causing the friction that produces heat.

One cup of water that reaches the boiling point can take up to 45 minutes to cool down. The evaporation and cold temperatures work together as the water cools down.

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How long you cool boiled water is also a factor influencing water temperature. As stated above, the water that reaches its boiling point can take 45 minutes to cool.

For example, a cup of boiling water reaches room temperature for up to 45 minutes. If you try to let it sit for thirty minutes, you will not get the same temperature as when you let it sit for 45 minutes.

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How long the water takes to cool also depends on its storage. When you allow a cup of hot liquid to sit at room temperature, it can take up to 45 minutes to cool down.

But when you let it sit in the fridge or freezer, it can cool down faster – 25 to 3o minutes and 15 to 18 minutes, respectively.

Note that the water cools down at the same rate in the fridge. This cooling process applies even for three or more cups of boiling water. Find out how long prune juice will stay good after opening here.

5 Ways to Cool Boiling Water Faster

1. Use a Metal Bowl

Pour the liquid into a metal bowl, set it in a larger bowl filled with ice, and whisk or stir constantly. Note that a metal bowl transfers heat the quickest, so it can also be your go-to option to get ambient temperature.

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2. Try Ice Bath

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Using an ice bath will reduce the cooling time by several minutes. Pour all the water into a glass and place it in a larger bowl filled with cold water (or ice cubes) to chill the liquid quickly.

3. Turn on the Fan

Leaving the pot lid off and turning on the fan will help the boiling water to cool quickly. There’s a reason we blow over hot tea before sipping it, so it’s not scalding. The same idea applies here. Turn on the fan to quickly cool the hot water.

4. Spread the Water

Transferring the water boiling into a horizontal container will thin the liquid layer. This allows the water to chill quickly, especially if you keep it under the fan!

5. Put it in the Fridge.

The refrigerator will always be the best option. When placed in cold temperatures, your boiled water will naturally cool faster. So you can put the boiling water in the fridge, and it can take only 25 to 30 minutes to cool down. Also, does your orange juice need to be refrigerated?


What is the fastest way to cool down boiled water?

The fastest way to cool down boiled water is to put it in the freezer. It can only take about 15 to 18 minutes to cool. Also, you can try putting cold water (or ice water) into the cup or pot of boiling water.

Does water cool down slowly or quickly?

Water cools down slower than any other liquid because of its high heat capacity [1]. But water heats up faster than it cools down. Water appears to cool much slower than it heats because heating is an active process. When you boil water, you expose it to a heat source that produces a large amount of energy in a short period.

In Conclusion

How long it takes to cool boiled water depends on a few factors: temperature, time, and storage. Generally, boiling water can chill down between 40 to 45 minutes to room temperature. However, on a closed container, it can cool much slower.

On the bright side, the water will cool down regardless of your method. There is no right or wrong way to go, but you have the option to speed up the cooling process.



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