How Long Does it Take Brownies To Cool

How Long Does It Take Brownies To Cool? Answered

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For individuals who crave sweets, brownies are highly favored as a dessert. They are also a popular baking option for both men and women who take pleasure in this pastime.

The sweet aroma of freshly baked brownies is undeniably irresistible. But how long does it take brownies to cool before you can take a bite? Let’s find out in this article.

How Long Do You Let Brownies Cool?

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The minimum waiting time for letting brownies cool down is not less than thirty minutes for it to be suited for cutting. But the standard time of cooling the freshly baked brownies is at least one hour to achieve that perfect cut.

You can also use the rule of thumb: once the surface of the brownies is not hot anymore, you can start cutting.

It is not advisable to cut and eat fresh-from-the-oven brownies because their flavor hasn’t fully developed yet. It needs time to cool down for its flavor and perfect texture to develop.


Why Cool Brownies?

For A Nice & Clean Cut

It is important to cool brownies for them to be perfectly cut. Cooled brownies are easy to slice with less to zero cracking because of their formed texture.

It is the standard rule that brownies need to be cut perfectly in terms of baking to achieve their appetizing appearance as a brownie.

And a nice and clean cut can only be achieved if the brownies have cooled down before cutting.

To Develop Flavor As It Cools Down

Brownies that have cooled down completely are also more flavorful and tasty than the newly baked ones. It is because the cooling process of the brownies helps with the development and locking in of the flavors better to make them more delicious.

Some people recommend using the quick cooling method to achieve the perfect taste and chocolaty flavor of the brownies in a short time.

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For Ideal Texture

Cooled brownies are firmer and thicker in texture, making them easy to slice into cubes. Letting the brownies cool down before cutting and serving is recommended to perfectly achieve its texture’s fudgy and gooey consistency.

The ideal texture of a brownie is firm and intact. If you don’t let your brownies cool down before cutting, their bits might fall easily. A sign that you failed in the process.

How To Cool Brownies Quickly

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The quickest way to cool your brownies is to double-wrap the entire tray with foil and soak it in a large bowl or sink with ice cubes. Make sure that all sides are covered with ice.

Remove the tray of brownies from the ice after fifteen to twenty minutes. Make sure you wrap the tray properly with no holes to prevent the water from entering inside and damaging your brownies.

A whole tray of soggy brownies is the least we want to happen while baking.

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Will It Harden?

Your brownies will not harden if you let them cool down on their own. The right temperature to get the perfect firm texture of the brownies that melt in your mouth is to let them cool down at room temperature.

However, if you place your brownies inside the fridge, the low temperature speeds up the process and makes the brownies’ texture harder than usual. The butter used in making brownies might also harden because of the cooler temperature. [1] 


Can you let the brownies cool overnight?

Yes, you can let brownies cool overnight. In fact, letting it sit at room temperature overnight is better than putting it inside the fridge.

Just ensure to store the brownies in an air-tight container or cover it adequately to avoid any bacteria from the air contaminating them.

Can you put brownies in the freezer to cool down?

No, it is not advisable to put the freshly-baked brownies in the freezer to cool down because it will ruin the proper fudgy texture of the brownies.

Putting your brownies inside the freezer won’t achieve the perfect texture. The cool temperature will harden the brownies or dry them out.

Final Thoughts

Generally, the standard cooling time of brownies before cutting them is at least thirty minutes for their texture to be firmed and not messy when slicing. You can also use the quick method, but the process might ruin the brownies if not done correctly.

We understand that waiting for the brownies to cool down before eating is hard, especially if kids are waiting. Still, if you don’t want them to be disappointed with the ruined texture of brownies, you’ve got to have some patience.

Having a flavorful bite of brownies is always worth the wait. Just trust the process.


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