Do You Have To Refrigerate Frosting After Opening

Do You Have To Refrigerate Frosting After Opening?

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Due to the pandemic, many people have been motivated to pursue baking as a hobby. Frosting has become a widely used ingredient in baked goods, not only for its ability to add sweetness to cupcakes but also for creating beautiful decorations and designs.

Frostings are made of sweet ingredients with longer shelf life, but do you have to refrigerate frosting after opening? If you want to know the answer, read on.

Should You Refrigerate Frosting After Opening?

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Yes, you have to refrigerate frosting after opening it if you’re not going to use it in the next two hours.

Frosting types, like buttercream, can only be left at room temperature for about three hours before it melts.

Putting the frosting in the fridge adds shelf life and helps maintain its quality and consistency. Some frosting melts, and some dry out when exposed to air.

It is also recommended to refrigerate frosting after opening to avoid contamination.

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Why Should You Refrigerate It

It is Perishable 

Frostings are mostly made of sugar, milk, or butter that should be refrigerated after use because they can go bad quickly at room temperature. 

Frosting like buttercream, whipped cream, and glaze can quickly melt at a hot temperature. Frosting is also prone to contamination. Its shelf life also decreases once exposed to warm air.

It Could Melt

Because frosting is a mix of sugar, egg, powder, and chocolate, it could quickly melt if left for a couple of hours at room temperature.

The melted or dried-out frosting is a nightmare for most pastry chefs because there is no perfect cake without perfect icing.

Also, exposure to air and heat could affect the consistency and quality of the frosting. If it liquefies in heat, it won’t form a shape.

It May Form Molds

The frosting must be stored in the fridge properly to prevent mold growth. If you let whipped cream or cooked frosting sit on your baking table without a proper cover, the humidity in the air might cause molds to form in the cream.

Bacteria are everywhere, and all food should be kept out of Danger Zone or room temperature above 90 degrees, which can quickly spoil food and grow bacteria. [1] 

How to Store Frosting in Refrigerator After Opening 

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If you have leftover frosting that you won’t use soon and want to maintain its quality, you should transfer it to an air-tight glass or plastic container and cover it adequately.

You can also put the frosting in a piping bag as long as it is sealed correctly before putting it inside the fridge. There are types of frosting that dry in extended air exposure.

Storing your frosting in the fridge in a sealed container helps to extend its shelf life and maintain consistency and flavor quality so you can use it on your subsequent pastries without worrying about spoilage.

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How Long Should You Refrigerate It? 

Frosting like buttercream could last in the fridge for up to seven days if stored in an air-tight container.

You can also extend its life by freezing it, and it can still be suitable for up to three months. It is still safe to eat, but there will be some changes in the quality.

How long a frosting could last in the fridge depends on its ingredients; a frosting made of shortening and oil doesn’t have to be kept in the refrigerator and could still last up to two weeks at your coolest room temperature.

How To Tell If Refrigerated Frosting Has Gone Bad

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If the frosting is stored for so long in the fridge, it can also go bad. Some frosting might turn into bits and dry out because of too much refrigerating.

If the frosting surpasses the storing period in the fridge and you’re still not using it, the sugar in its ingredients might crystallize, and it would be difficult to apply or spread on your cupcakes.

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A spoiled frosting in the fridge will have a change in color. Likewise, mold could develop in frosting if it is not appropriately sealed and humidity enters the container.

Once you see molds on your frosting, throw them away immediately to avoid food poisoning.


If the frosting has gone wrong, its smell might become sour. It is because the bacteria have attacked the composition and contaminated it. If you smelled your frosting differently, it is better not to use it.


How long can frosting stay out of the fridge?

Frosting can stay out of the fridge for two hours. Room temperature is a significant factor in spoiling frosting. It is advisable to use it immediately after taking it out of the fridge.

How long is frosting good for after opening?

A frosting made of shortening and oil is good for at least one week after opening at room temperature. Whipped cream and buttercream are only suitable for a couple of days and should be consumed immediately.

In Summary

All kinds of frosting should be appropriately kept in the fridge after opening and using it. It is advisable to store them in cool and dry places to avoid contamination and to extend their shelf life.


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