Is HelloFresh Cheaper Than Grocery Shopping

Is HelloFresh Cheaper Than Grocery Shopping

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HelloFresh is a meal delivery service that sends pre-measured ingredients and recipes to customers’ homes on a weekly basis. But is HelloFresh cheaper than grocery shopping?

Let’s take a closer look at the costs of HelloFresh compared to buying groceries at a store and other factors to consider when deciding whether or not to use a meal delivery service.

Is HelloFresh Cheaper Compared To Grocery Shopping?

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In total weekly charges, HelloFresh is not cheaper than grocery shopping. A delivery meal kit service saves time than going to the store, but the weekly charges can’t save you money.

HelloFresh 3 meals for two people cost approximately $78.93 or $13.16 per meal, while at the grocery store, it will cost you about $45 or $7.50 per meal.

If you think you saved more by availing of meal boxes weekly, you’re wrong because the shipping fee per box is higher than the meal price.

Even if you use a coupon that will cost down to $3.99 per meal, you’ll pay an additional $10 per box for the delivery cost, which is higher than going to the grocery once a week.

Factors To Consider

Pre-Mixed Ingredients

HelloFresh’s pre-mixed ingredients, in particular plans like ‘Fresh & Fast,’ have some factors of preparation especially designed for them. Some of its ingredients cannot be found at the grocery store.

It is a plus because it will save you time looking for the ingredients that you need. Some rare ingredients, such as those used in mixed spices, are expensive, as well.

Ingredients Quantities

In HelloFresh, you get a small amount of an item that usually comes in a much bigger package at the store. This is common for all spices and sauces that you get.

Quality of Food

HelloFresh meals are guaranteed fresh and consistently high quality. Some of their meals are fresh produce and organic. (1) 

As for going to the grocery store, you can choose the freshest ingredients to use in cooking to ensure the quality of your food.

Food Preparation

HelloFresh meals are convenient and cheaper for those not into cooking because the meal kit comes with cooking instructions, and the ingredients are sent in exact measurements.

“By choosing healthy over skinny, you are choosing self-love over self-judgment.”

– Steve Maraboli, Military Veteran and Philanthropist

If you don’t know how to cook, it will cause you more time and confusion in shopping for ingredients, which may result in buying excessive ingredients.


HelloFresh saves you time and energy in shopping because they deliver your meal kits to your doorstep weekly. You don’t have to drive or ride a bus to the grocery store.

Average Monthly Cost of HelloFresh vs Grocery Shopping

HelloFresh charges $9 per serving for two people or $8 for four, plus $10 per box for shipping. $111 per week would feed four persons for three nights or $444 per month with only 12 meals.

While if you go shopping at the grocery, four people’s meals for the whole week are approximately $150. That is three meals a day for seven days or more or less $600 monthly.

When Does HelloFresh Become Cost-Effective?  

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HelloFresh is cost-effective for busy persons with a family of two or single persons. It offers convenience in meal prep and shopping and saves time.

With HelloFresh, you can practice extending your food up to the next meal so you won’t have to buy or cook another, thus maximizing meal consumption for the whole week.

Is Hello Fresh Cheaper Than Grocery Shopping for One Person?  

No, HelloFresh is not cheaper for a solo living person because the price per meal goes up the less you order. Also, plans start with 2 people. If you order, you’ll have a lot of leftovers.

However, HelloFresh is a good choice if you don’t mind having the same meals all day or have a larger food budget and want the ease of having meal kits.


How much is the cheapest Hello Fresh?

The cheapest meal at HelloFresh starts at $3.99 per serving with a discount coupon. The ingredients are consistently fresh with hundreds of recipes.

How to make HelloFresh affordable?

To make HelloFresh affordable, plan cheap meals on days without deliveries. Order meal kits that can last longer or add to your side dishes. You can also use promo codes for discounts.

What are the disadvantages of HelloFresh?

The disadvantages of HelloFresh are they don’t have exclusively gluten-or allergen-free meal choices and meal plans for vegans and persons on a strict diet like keto and paleo. (2) 


Generally, HelloFresh is not cheaper than grocery shopping because it doesn’t cover all meals within a week that a shopping could with one trip to the store.

Also, the shipping rates per box are not budget-friendly, and they don’t have options for people on a vegan diet. But if you prefer convenience over budget, then HelloFresh is best for you.


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