Does Murphy's Oil Soap Go Bad

Does Murphy’s Oil Soap Go Bad? Resolved (Updated)

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Murphy’s Oil Soap is an excellent cleaning product that is specifically designed for use on both wood and non-wood surfaces in today’s market. You can trust that your furniture will maintain its shine, thanks to Murphy’s Oil Soap.

You surely want to store it to be used for later, but does Murphy’s Oil soap go bad? Can you store it longer? To find out the answers, keep reading.   

Does Murphy’s Oil Soap Expire? 

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Yes, Murphy’s Oil soap expires. 

It’s because the key ingredient to produce this soap is fat or oil – contributing to the factors why oil soap expires. 

We all know that fat or oil is biodegradable and has a limited shelf life (like the cooking oil in your kitchen that goes rancid over time).  

Murphy’s Oil Soap Shelf Life 

Murphy’s Oil soap does not specify an expiration date on its bottle. But, after two years of opening the bottle, some cleaning experts recommend discarding any multi-surface cleaning product.

Most manufactured soaps, like bar soap, liquid soap, and laundry detergent, have a standard shelf life of two to three years (based on the manufacture date and expiration date). But actually, it can last longer than that. 

You can tell it is safe to use as long as it lathers. But if there’s a color shift and you smell something musty, you’re probably using an expired soap. It will not be the same effective way to kill germs and clean the surface of your things. But can you get sick from washing dishes with bleach?

Is Murphy’s Oil Soap Okay To Use Past Its Expiration Date?

Bar soap like Murphy’s Oil soap can generally be used after its expiration date so long as it hasn’t become rancid, moldy, or no longer lathers. The soap, be it bar soap, foaming soap, or any kind of soap, won’t smell very nice, but it can be perfectly safe to use. 

The nonpolar end disrupts the bacteria and viruses [1] outer membranes, leading to their eventual bursting and death. Typically, soaps produced in factories have a shelf life of no more than three years. But Dawn dish soap expires after about 12 to 18 months. Minbiole claims that if bar soap still produces lather when used to wash hands, it can be used effectively long after its expiration date. 

But, using bar soap or any soap past the expiry date is still not recommended (except for naturally-derived soaps, like Murphy’s Oil soap) as you can be prone to rash, itching, or any irritation once it gets into contact with your skin when you use it. 

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Will It Go Rancid?

Murphy’s Oil soap can go rancid over time. A rancid soap is possible because of the risk of rancidity and mold growth in the fragrance oil used in making the soap. The soap drawing moisture can only last as short as a year, depending on how you use and store them. 

But there are cases where soap does not go rancid. If you store it undisturbed, the soap, particularly the bar soap, can last for years. Some soap bar brands or liquid soaps can be as effective as the same bottle or bar, regardless of how old it is. 

Does Murphy’s Oil Soap Contain Oil?

The short answer is no. It doesn’t contain oil. The original formula contains 98% all-natural ingredients. And what’s good about this oil soap is that it doesn’t contain bleach, ammonia, or harmful chemicals. 

When you dilute it properly with warm water (or hot water), it will not leave any residue; no free-oil remnants. Also, it’s phosphate-free.  

Where Is It Used?

a man mapping a wooden floor

This oil soap is used to wash and clean finished wood, wood floors, hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets, and outdoor furniture. It is best for furniture polish, tile, linoleum, and pine cleaners.

But how can you tell if you have a finished surface? These floors have been waterproofed with a polyurethane coating or other water-resistant film. Place a drop of water on the surface if unsure of your finish.

If it absorbs water, it isn’t finished, and you should not use the oil soap yet. Even if the droplets create beads, test the product in an inconspicuous area to ensure that the surface is not water-sensitive. 


How do you use Murphy’s oil soap?

To use Murphy’s Oil soap, dilute it with warm water. The suggested dilution is 1/4 cup per water gallon. But for heavy cleaning or difficult woods like oak or rosewood, aim for 1/2 cup per water gallon. Also, you mix vinegar with a droplet of the oil soap. It’s not necessary to dilute too much oil.

Is old Murphy’s oil soap less effective?

Yes. Old Murphy’s Oil soap can be less effective. While there is no designated expiration date, this soap can still get rancid over time due to its natural ingredients.

Final Verdict 

As Murphy’s Oil soap is getting popular in households nowadays, wanting to stock it up for future use is reasonable. By this time, you know that it doesn’t have an expiration date. However, it can go bad due to its natural ingredients. 

While you can use it for two to three years, just like bar soaps and dish detergent, the natural oil becomes rancid over time if not stored properly. If the soap turns yellow with fragrance loss, it’s time to throw that out. 


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