Why Did Costco Stop Selling Combo Pizza

Why Did Costco Stop Selling Combo Pizza?

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Costco, a prominent retailer, has taken a contentious step that has aroused curiosity and perplexity among pizza lovers. This unforeseen move might ignite some discussions.

A popular fan favorite, the combo pizza, has mysteriously vanished from the store’s food court menu.

As an ardent fan of Costco’s combo pizza, I have countless memories of savoring its delectable flavors with friends and family. Let’s find out what happened.

Why Did Costco Discontinue The Combo Pizza?

Whole Pizza on a Box

The reason for Costco’s decision to discontinue the combo pizza was part of a menu simplification effort. The company wanted to streamline its menu and focus on its most popular items while reducing costs. 

The combo pizza [1] was one of several discontinued menu items, including the Polish hot dog and the chocolate-dipped ice cream bar. 

This decision was made to help the company reduce food waste, improve efficiency, and better meet the changing demands of its customers. 

While many fans of the combo pizza were disappointed to see it go, Costco’s decision to discontinue it was based on a strategic business decision to improve overall operations and profitability.


Did Costco Replace The Combo Pizza With A New Item?

Yes, Costco did replace the combo pizza with a new item. The “California Pizza Kitchen” (CPK) BBQ Chicken Pizza was introduced as a replacement for the combo pizza. 

This new pizza features a thin crust, BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, cheese, and red onions. While some customers hesitated to try the new pizza at first, many have found it a delicious alternative. 

The CPK BBQ Chicken Pizza has become a popular item on Costco’s food court menu and is now a staple for many customers. 

While the combo pizza may be missed, Costco’s new offerings continue to satisfy the taste buds of its loyal customers.

How Do Fans Of The Combo Pizza Feel About Its Discontinuation?

Fans of the combo pizza were disappointed to see it discontinued from the Costco food court menu. 

Many loyal customers had grown to love the tasty combination of pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, onions, and mushrooms [2], and the news of its discontinuation was met with disappointment. 

“Life is full of challenges, but I always have the Three Ps: Passion, patience and persistence. And the fourth one is pizza.”

– Butch Hartman, American Animator

A petition was even started to bring back the beloved pizza.

While some customers were willing to try the new CPK BBQ Chicken Pizza, others expressed disappointment in discontinuing the combo pizza. 

However, many have come to enjoy other popular menu items, like the chicken bake and the hot dog combo, which have helped to soften the blow of the combo pizza’spizza’s departure.

Will Costco Ever Bring Back The Combo Pizza?

Close up Image of Combo Pizza

It is still determined if Costco plans to return the combo pizza.

While the petition to bring back the pizza garnered thousands of signatures, Costco has yet to indicate whether it will respond to customer demand and bring back the beloved pizza. 

However, the company has a history of listening to its customers and making changes based on their feedback. 

If enough customers continue to express their desire for the combo pizza to return, it may make a comeback on the Costco food court menu. 

In the meantime, customers can continue to enjoy the many other delicious menu items that Costco offers.

What Other Changes Has Costco Made To Its Food Court Menu?

Over the years, Costco has made several changes to its food court menu to stay competitive and cater to changing consumer tastes. 

In addition to discontinuing the combo pizza, other changes include adding healthier options like acai bowls and salads while also discontinuing other items like the Polish hot dog and the chocolate-dipped ice cream bar. 

The company has also added new items like the cold brew mocha freeze and the churro.

“In a world filled with countless pizza options, Costco’s decision to discontinue the combo pizza adds a unique twist to the culinary landscape.”

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Furthermore, Costco has also changed the sizes of some of its food court offerings, reducing the size of the chicken bake and adding a smaller size of the frozen yogurt. 

These changes reflect Costco’s ongoing commitment to improving efficiency, reducing food waste, and meeting its customers’ evolving needs and preferences.


u003cstrongu003eDid Costco get rid of Take and Bake Pizza?u003c/strongu003e

No, Costco did not get rid of Take and Bake Pizza. It is still available for purchase in Costco stores.

u003cstrongu003eCan you still buy Costco pizza without a membership?u003c/strongu003e

No, you cannot buy Costco pizza without a membership. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAccess to Costco’s food court, including purchasing food items like pizza, is restricted to Costco members only. A valid membership card is required to enter the Costco store and access the food court.

Final Thoughts

As a longtime fan of Costco’s combo pizza, I was disappointed to learn of its discontinuation from the food court menu. 

While the decision to discontinue the combo pizza may have been a difficult one for Costco, it was made as part of a broader effort to streamline the menu and focus on the company’s-company’s most popular items. 

As Costco continues to evolve and meet the changing demands of its customers, it will be interesting to see what new menu items will be added in the future. 


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