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Thermopro vs Thermoworks Cooking Thermometers (Updated)

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It is a common fear for cooks to discover that their meal is either overcooked or undercooked. Surprisingly, this is an experience that we have all been through.

Using an instant-read thermometer might save the day—and the food. Enter ThermoPro and ThermoWorks. These brands will increase your confidence in cooking dishes.

But what are the major differences between Thermopro vs Thermoworks? Which is better in usage and functionality? Read on to find out.

Comparing Thermopro & Thermoworks 

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ThermoPro and ThermoWorks are popular and well-known brands offering different kinds of food and non-food thermometers. However, there are major factors that make them different.

Most of the ThermoPro digital meat thermometers have longer probes than ThermoWork. It also has visible button design features to help you navigate it, which most ThermoWorks don’t have.

However, ThermoWorks digital meat thermometers offer a faster reading speed of one second compared to ThermoPro’s 2 to 3 seconds reading time. 

It also has a sleek pen-shaped variant that is easy to use, whether left or right-handed. But in terms of price value, ThermoWorks is more expensive than ThermoPro.


Major Differences


ThermoPro has multiple features in most of its digital meat thermometers. There are buttons in the thermometer, making it easy to navigate through its functions.

Once the ThermoPro probe is extended, you can easily read the temperature. Also, some of its digital thermometers have an auto-rotating display that will help in reading temperatures. 

On the other hand, ThermoWorks have lesser buttons. You need to extend its probe to the food then it will read the temperature.

ThermoWorks’ most product has an automated function that reads and turn-offs the device.


ThermoWorks brand gained popularity because of its consistent durability, especially in advertising accurate speed-reading temperatures.

Meanwhile, the ThermoPop brand is known for its more budget-friendly digital thermometers than other brands. 

However, although ThermoPop products are more affordable than other brands, it doesn’t seem as quick as advertised based on some of ThermoPop’s actual temperature readings.

Reaction Time

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Reaction time is one main factor when finding an excellent digital cooking thermometer. It’s a great deal to have the fastest reading time in your kitchen.

ThermoPro’s most affordable product, TP01A, can sensor and read temperature within 4 to 6 seconds. Its fastest-reading product, TP-19, is advertised to read fast for 2 to 3 seconds.

“An instant-read thermometer is your best bet for making sure the meat and fish are cooked to the proper temperature.”

– Bobby Flay, Chef/Author

Meanwhile, ThermoWorks ThermoPop has a reading within 3 to 4 seconds, while Thermapen ONE can give one full reading in just a second.


ThermoPro brand has a very simple design with its digital meat thermometers. It usually has three-button navigations, mostly visible in the front part of the tool.

One is for the power and mode switching button, one for its hold or lock feature, and the third for its backlight display.

Unlike digital meat thermometers from ThermoPro, some ThermoWorks digital thermometer buttons are not visible at the front part, and most are automatic that don’t have buttons.

Also, ThermoWorks has a lollipop-shaped variant, the ThermoPop, that is easy to use whether you are left or right-handed. But can you use a meat thermometer for oil?


ThermoPro and ThermoWorks brands are both offering smart thermometer tools. They are both offering wireless thermometers, infrared thermometers, and even hygrometers. [1]

However, the ThermoWorks brand is more popular in the digital temperature market than ThermoPro because of its durability, reliability, and fast-speed temperature reading.

Price Point

ThermoPro and ThermoWorks have a quiet price fraction in their products. ThermoPro meat thermometers cost cheaper than ThermoWorks.

ThermoPro digital meat thermometer’s most affordable product, the TP01A, costs around $11, while TempSpike, ThermoPro’s most expensive, costs around $100.

On the other hand, ThermoWorks’ most affordable product, ThermoPop, has a price of around $21, while its most expensive, Thermapen, costs about $229.

Do Thermopro and Thermoworks Have Similarities?

Yes, ThermoPro and ThermoWorks have some similarities. Some of their product design is comparable, like the Thermapens from ThermoWorks is almost identical to ThermoPro TP-19. 

Also, ThermoPro and ThermoWorks have the same backlight display and waterproof features—all the more, they are both great digital thermometers.

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Is ThermoWorks worth it?

Yes, ThermoWorks is worth it. This brand sells the best products of temperature tools that are accurate, read fast, and convenient to use. It covers most home cook kitchen needs.

What is the purpose of ThermoPro and ThermoWorks?

ThermoPro and ThermoWorks are both meat thermometers. These thermometers are specialized in measuring the internal temperatures of your cooked foods in just an instant.

Final Verdict

It’s a great thing that there are digital meat thermometers like ThermoPro and ThermoWorks to ensure that food has reached its proper temperature.

Although ThermoWorks products are way more expensive than ThermoPro, ThermoWorks has a variant that reads the temperature in just a second.

However, for a budget-friendly option, you can choose ThermoPro and have your temperature within 2 to 3 seconds, which is still not bad.

In terms of affordability, go for ThermoPro. But for speed and accuracy, ThermoWorks works best. 


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