Jimmy John's Club Tuna vs Totally Tuna

Jimmy John’s Club Tuna vs Totally Tuna: A Sandwich Showdown

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I recently tried two different tuna sandwiches from Jimmy John’s: the Club Tuna and the Totally Tuna. 

It was quite an adventure for my taste buds! Both sandwiches had tuna, but they were different in their way. 

Today, I’ll share my experience and thoughts on these two delicious options. So, if you’re curious about what sets these sandwiches apart, keep reading.

Jimmy John’s Club Tuna vs Totally Tuna: Which Tuna Sandwich Reigns Supreme?

Jimmy John's Club Tuna

Totally Tuna features house-made tuna salad on your choice of bread or an Unwich. 

While it’s a hefty option, there must be a sliced-in-half serving and sometimes wilted lettuce to make it unwieldy. 

The saving grace? Fresh cucumbers [1] add a welcome crunch. However, you might prefer something else if you’re craving a classic tuna sub. Calorie-wise, it ranges from 270 to 990.

In contrast, the Club Tuna boasts the same tuna salad but adds provolone cheese, lettuce, and tomato. 

The distinguishing factor here is the cheese, with four thin provolone slices. Calorie-wise, it falls between 500 and 1710.

But what are the differences between Jimmy John’s Vito and Italian Night Club?

Quick Summary Of Their Differences

AspectTotally TunaClub Tuna
IngredientsHouse-made tuna salad, lettuce, cucumber, and tomato on breadHouse-made tuna salad, provolone cheese, lettuce, and tomato on bread
Calories270-990 kcal 500-1710 kcal
Price Range$7.49-$18.09$9.09-$21.29
Customization OptionsCustomizable with freebies & add-onsCustomizable with freebies & add-ons
Flavor ProfileFresh and lightLight and refreshing with added richness and creaminess from provolone cheese
PopularityRanked 19th in Mashed list of Jimmy John’s menu itemsRanked 9th in Mashed list of Jimmy John’s menu, making it more popular

Notable Differences


If you’re seeking simplicity, the Totally Tuna is the choice, featuring house-made tuna salad on a sandwich adorned with fresh lettuce, cucumber, and tomato. 

However, its basic and somewhat bland nature might not thrill your taste buds. On the other hand, Club Tuna steps up the game by introducing provolone cheese into the mix. 

“A sandwich and a cup of coffee, and then off to violin-land, where all is sweetness and delicacy and harmony.”

Arthur Conan Doyle, British Writer and Physician

Combining house-made tuna salad, provolone cheese [2], lettuce, and tomato provides a more dynamic and flavorful experience than the straightforward Totally Tuna.

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Flavor Profile

The Totally Tuna sandwich offers a fresh and healthy vibe, perfect for a warm day. However, its house-made tuna salad tends to be bland, lacking that exciting flavor punch. 

To make matters worse, the placement of tomatoes at the bottom can lead to soggy bread, which only some enjoy. 

The tuna leans on the salty side with a generous dose of mayo. Surprisingly, the cucumbers, though adding a slight crunch, don’t contribute much flavor.

Meanwhile, the Club Tuna sandwich stands out with its addition of cheese. Combining cheese with tuna salad might seem unusual, but it’s a winning combo. 

The cheese brings richness and creaminess to the sandwich, while the tuna salad keeps it light and refreshing. 

It’s the kind of sandwich you’d crave for a beachside meal, offering a satisfying balance of flavors.

Nutritional Showdown

Nutritional Information (per serving)Totally Tuna UnwichTotally Tuna Regular French BreadTotally Tuna Wheat BreadTotally Tuna Giant French Bread
Total Fat (g)21222944
Cholesterol (mg)30303060
Total Carbohydrates (g)95165103
Protein (g)12212841
Sodium (mg)710117011002340
Nutritional Information (per serving)Club Tuna UnwichClub Tuna Regular French BreadClub Tuna Wheat BreadClub Tuna Giant French Bread
Total Fat (g)40424883
Cholesterol (mg)757575150
Total Carbohydrates (g)107566151
Protein (g)29424584
Sodium (mg)1180189015703770

These figures highlight the nutritional differences between the Club Tuna and Totally Tuna sandwiches, with the Club Tuna generally having higher calorie and fat content across all bread options. 

Your choice depends on your dietary preferences and calorie intake goals.

Customization Options


Both Totally Tuna and Club Tuna from Jimmy John’s offer the flexibility to customize your sandwich with various freebies and add-on ingredients. 

Your choices can significantly impact the flavor profile of your sandwich. Want some extra kick? Add some spicy peppers. 

Are you craving more veggies? Pile on the lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. You can customize the sandwich to suit your taste buds and dietary preferences. 

But what are the best sandwiches at Jimmy John’s?

Price Point

In terms of cost, the Totally Tuna and Club Tuna sandwiches at Jimmy John’s cater to different budgets. 

The Totally Tuna starts at $7.49 for a solo regular-sized sandwich and goes up to $18.09 for the giant combo. 

“Jimmy John’s Club Tuna and Totally Tuna: Two sandwiches, two price points, and endless possibilities for satisfying your taste buds.”

Eat Pallet Restaurant & Food Advice

Meanwhile, the Club Tuna begins at $9.09 for a solo regular-sized sandwich and reaches $21.29 for the giant combo.

Your decision might depend on both your appetite and your wallet. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, Totally Tuna offers that range.


According to Mashed, the Totally Tuna sandwich ranks 19th on their list of Jimmy John’s menu items. 

It only wins over taste buds a little due to its somewhat bland flavor, which might explain its lower ranking.

On the one hand, Club Tuna takes the 9th spot on the Mashed list, making it more widespread. Adding cheese adds flavor, offering a tasty twist to the classic tuna sandwich. 

However, it’s worth noting that Club Tuna packs more calories than Totally Tuna, which could be a factor in its ranking.

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What kind of tuna is used in Jimmy John’s sandwich recipes?

Jimmy John’s uses real StarKist tuna fish in their sandwich recipes, ensuring quality and authenticity in their tuna-based offerings.

Is Jimmy John’s tuna salad considered a healthy option?

Jimmy John’s tuna salad can be a healthy option when chosen thoughtfully. However, it’s essential to be mindful of toppings. 

Adding mayonnaise and processed meats like salami to tuna salad can cause it to become high in fat and sodium. Consider skipping mayo and cheese to reduce calories and fat to make it healthier.

Do Jimmy John’s deli meats contain nitrates?

Jimmy John’s deli meats do not contain added nitrates or artificial ingredients. 

They prioritize using natural and wholesome ingredients in their deli meat selections, making them a choice for those seeking nitrate-free options.

Key Takeaways

Several key points emerge after comparing Jimmy John’s Club Tuna and Totally Tuna sandwiches. 

The ingredients vary, with Totally Tuna offering a simpler version while Club Tuna introduces provolone cheese for added richness. 

Flavor profiles also differ, with Totally Tuna being fresher but somewhat bland, while Club Tuna gains depth from the cheese. 

Regarding nutrition, Club Tuna tends to have higher calories and fat. Popularity-wise, Club Tuna takes the lead, ranking higher due to its flavorful ingredients. 

When it comes to pricing, Totally Tuna generally offers a more budget-friendly range. 


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