Is It Weird To Go To A Restaurant Alone

Is It Weird To Go To A Restaurant Alone? Answered

Last Updated on July 13, 2024 by Shari Mason

Many individuals dine at restaurants not just for the delicious food, but also for the opportunity to socialize. However, there may be occasions where some find themselves dining alone at a restaurant.

Eating alone can be awkward and intimidating for some, but it’s not as lonely an experience as it sounds.

So, is it weird to go to a restaurant alone? Keep scrolling to learn more. 

Going To A Restaurant Alone: Weird or Not?

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Going to a restaurant alone is not weird. Many people struggle with the idea of eating in restaurants alone because of what other people might think. 

However, eating alone shouldn’t be a lonely experience. Eating alone has many advantages. 

For one, it’s good to take time for yourself and enjoy your food without the distraction of other people. It could also be an opportunity to meet new friends.

Why Do People Think It is Weird?

People think it’s weird because it’s common to go to a restaurant with a company. Eating is a communal activity, so people might think it’s weird if you’re sitting alone at a restaurant. People might deem you sad and a loser for eating alone. 

However, eating alone is not as lonely as it sounds. Change your mindset and enjoy your alone time. 

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How to Not Make It Weird?

Don’t Mind What People Think

Don’t think that everyone is pitying you for eating alone at restaurants. And if they really do, don’t let it prevent you from enjoying your alone time. You also have a right to be there.

Also, remember that some people don’t judge you. They are self-absorbed and might not even notice.

Talk to the Staff

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One of the perks of eating alone is that you can strike up a conversation with anyone and make new friends. You can talk to the wait staff and learn more about the menu, and if you’re traveling, they might have some recommendations of the best spots to visit. 

Bring a Book

Instead of feeling conscious waiting for your food, bring a book with you. It can help you pass the time, make you feel less awkward, and keep you entertained. 

Savor the Meal

One of the benefits of eating out alone is enjoying your meal without a distraction from anyone. You get to enjoy the flavors of the food and take all the time in the world to eat. 

There’s no compromise required. You can order what you want, enjoy people-watching as much as you want, and leave when you want.


What does going alone at a restaurant say about you?

​​Eating alone at a restaurant means being confident, independent, and self-assured. You enjoy your own company and don’t depend on other people to enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant.  

What do people fear going alone at a restaurant?

People fear going alone to a restaurant because they feel other people will judge them. They might be deemed as a loser, anti-social, or lonely. Some people also think that they can’t have fun alone.


Let’s face it. Eating alone is awkward, especially when you can feel other people staring at you. Also, there’s a stigma of dining solo.

However, it’s time to break free of this stigma. There are benefits to eating alone, like having control of the things you want to do.

According to a study in 2012 called Mimicry of Food Intake: The Dynamic Interplay Between Eating Companions, people adjust their food intake according to what the people around them are eating. [1] You tend to eat more if they eat more. When you eat alone, you can eat at your own pace and the amount that feels right for you.

Eating alone at a restaurant is not weird. So, next time you visit a restaurant, don’t be afraid to ask, “Table for one.”


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