How Many Sweetie Pie Restaurants Are There

How Many Sweetie Pie Restaurants Are There? Solved (2022)

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There are many Sweetie Pie Restaurants around the United States. The first one was opened in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1996 by Robbie Montgomery, the star of the reality show “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s.” 

The show follows Montgomery and her family as they run their restaurants. But how many Sweetie Pie restaurants are there?

How Many Locations Do Sweetie Pie’s Restaurants Have?

Sweetie Pie’s is a chain of soul food restaurants founded in 1996 by Robbie Montgomery. As of 2019, the company has 97 locations, including 61 company-owned and 36 franchised restaurants. 

Most of Sweetie Pie’s locations are in the Midwest and Southern United States, but the company also has several locations in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. 

In addition to traditional soul food dishes like fried chicken and collard greens, Sweetie Pie’s menu also features several health-conscious options, such as grilled chicken and salmon. 

Regardless of what you’re in the mood for, Sweetie Pie’s is sure to have something to satisfy your cravings.

Who Owns These Restaurants?

photo of Robbie Montgomery

Sweetie Pie’s is a chain of soul food restaurants founded by Robbie Montgomery. Montgomery is the CEO and owner of the company. 

In addition to owning and operating the restaurants, she also stars in the reality television series Sweetie Pie’s, which chronicles the business’s day-to-day operations.

Montgomery became interested in cooking at a young age, and she learned many of her recipes from her mother and grandmother. 

After working as a backup singer for artists like Ike & Tina Turner and Stevie Wonder, she eventually opened her nightclub in St. Louis. The nightclub was a success, and it helped Montgomery to launch her restaurant career. 

Today, Sweetie Pie’s is one of the country’s most popular soul food chains, and Montgomery is known for her signature dishes like fried chicken and peach cobbler.

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How Did Sweetie Pie’s Restaurant Start?

The story of Sweetie Pie’s Restaurant begins with its founder, Robbie Montgomery. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Montgomery began her career as a singer in the city’s clubs and bars. 

During this time, she met and fell in love with Andre Williams, a musician who would later become her business partner. Together, the couple started Sweetie Pie’s in 1996, with Montgomery cooking and Williams performing music. 

Thanks to Montgomery’s delicious recipes, the restaurant quickly became a popular destination for soul food lovers. In 2005, the pair opened a second location in Los Angeles, and today Sweetie Pie’s has grown into a nationwide chain with over 20 locations. 

Montgomery’s story is about entrepreneurship, creativity, and hard work—a true American success story.

Is It Still In Business?

As of 2021, there are over 60 locations across the United States, mostly in the Midwest and South.

The menu features Southern staples like fried chicken, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, and Montgomery’s signature dish, the sweet potato pie. 

Sweetie Pie’s has been featured on several television shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Steve Harvey Show. In 2017, the restaurant was the subject of a reality TV show on OWN called Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s. 

The show followed Montgomery and her family as they tried to expand the business while dealing with personal drama. As of 2021, Sweetie Pie’s is still in business and thriving.

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Why Did Sweetie Pie’s Close?

sweetie pies restaurant signage

In February 2020, Sweetie Pies, a restaurant chain based in St. Louis, Missouri, abruptly closed all locations. The company had been in business for over 20 years and, at its peak, operated 19 stores in nine states. 

So what led to the sudden downfall of Sweetie Pies?

Several factors likely contributed to the closure of the restaurant chain. First and foremost, the COVID-19 pandemic [1] dealt a major blow to the food service industry. 

With dining rooms closed and customers hesitant to venture out, many restaurants were forced to rely on take-out and delivery options, which are generally less profitable. 

In addition, Sweetie Pies was facing increasing competition from other soul food restaurants, many of which offered lower prices and more convenient locations. 

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What is Sweetie Pie’s real name?

The real name of Sweetie Pie is Robbie Montgomery, an American singer popular for being one of the Ikettes in the Ike and Tina Turner Revue.

How much is Sweetie Pie worth?

Sweetie Pie’s Restaurant is worth about $10 million. They’re mostly known for their barbecue and soul food, and they have several locations throughout the US.

Key Takeaways

Sweetie Pie’s restaurant is famous for its comfort food, including such items as catfish, ribs, and chicken. The restaurant also offers a wide variety of southern-style pies, including sweet potato pie, peach cobbler, and banana pudding.

However, you won’t find any branch open in the state of Missouri following the controversial conviction of Robbie Montgomery’s son.


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