How Long Will Blueberries Last In The Fridge

How Long Will Blueberries Last In The Fridge? Solved

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Blueberries are a delicious and nutritious fruit that is beloved by many families. They are often used in our recipes, blended into smoothies, or enjoyed as a simple snack option.

But the whole year isn’t always blueberry season. If you love this delicious fruit, you need to stock them up for a while. 

So how long will blueberries last in the fridge, and what’s the best way to store them? Read on to find out.

How Long Do Blueberries Last In The Fridge?

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Generally speaking, fresh blueberries have a shelf life of up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator if properly stored. However, if you plan to store blueberries longer, then freezing blueberries is the best way to go.

How long blueberries last depends on several factors, such as how you store them and how ripe they are when purchased.

Fresh blueberries are highly perishable and cannot withstand heat and moisture. So unless you want to eat all of them within two days, it is best to store them in the fridge. 


Factors To Consider


Breathable Container

Storing blueberries in a breathable bag or container is the right way. This allows air circulation and reduces moisture build-up, which is needed for the blueberries to last longer.

Adding a line of paper towels to the breathable container extends the shelf life of blueberries because paper towels absorb excess moisture that will hasten the spoilage of the fresh fruit.

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Air Tight Container

It is not recommended to store fresh blueberries in an airtight container as it causes moisture to build up. Moisture inside the airtight container promotes the growth of bacteria and molds.

Blueberries spoil faster when there is too much moisture, humidity, and heat.

One easy way to store high-quality blueberries is in the breathable container they came in with a paper towel in the bottom.

Frozen berries, however, should be washed first with cool water and stored on baking sheets and parchment paper.

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Blueberries should be stored in a cool place if not to be consumed immediately, as they will only last a day or two at room temperature.

However, you can freeze blueberries to extend their shelf life for up to six months.

To make frozen blueberries, rinse the blueberries and transfer berries to a rimmed baking sheet with plastic wrap on the cover.

After a few hours, put the partially frozen blueberries in a freezer-safe container or freezer bag and label it before freezing again.


Always refrigerate blueberries dry and unwashed. It is best not to wash them until just before eating or using them in recipes.

Unwashed blueberries have a natural coating on their skin that protects them from getting decayed or rotting immediately. 

Washing it removes the protection on blueberry skin and adds moisture to the blueberries that will hasten their spoilage.

How To Tell If Blueberries In The Fridge Have Gone Bad


Moldy blueberries are unsafe and should be separated from fresh ones immediately.

It is important to check for any moldy ones before storing them in the fridge, as they may spoil all the fresh blueberries.

Molds are visible signs that the fruit has gone bad and should be discarded, as moldy blueberries can be dangerous if consumed.


Spoiled blueberries usually have a mushy and wrinkled texture and should be thrown away. It sometimes leaks berry juices and usually has bruises where the stem is attached.

“My last meal on Earth, I would love it to be a bowl of blueberries with cold cream.”

– René Redzepi, Danish Chef

Avoid discolored blueberries; always choose plump and smooth blueberries with a dark, bluish-purple hue. [1]

When picking at any blueberry plants, avoid red blueberries or unripe berries, as they may affect the refrigeration shelf life of the other fresh-picked blueberries.

Off Smell

The smell of bad blueberries can be quite unpleasant. It is a sour and musty odor that may remind some people of old, wet socks or rotting garbage. 

The smell comes from the bacteria and yeast that grow on the fruit as it spoils. If left for too long, mold spores may also appear, leading to an even stronger smell than rotten berries alone.

How Long Will Thawed Blueberries Last in the Fridge?

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The storage time for thawed blueberries also depends on how they were thawed. Thawed blueberries using the refrigerator method, should stay good for up to five days in the fridge.

However, if you’re using a cold water bath, defrosting at room temperature, or microwaving to thaw your berries, then eating blueberries within two days is a good idea since bacteria will grow more quickly in those methods.


Are blueberries still good after two weeks?

Blueberries may not be good after two weeks as they usually have about ten days storage period in the fridge. However, if you choose to freeze them, they could last up to 6 months.

How do you keep blueberries fresh in the fridge?

First, make sure to check if there moldy or about to be spoiled berries before storing them. Store only in a breathable container with a paper towel at the bottom so moisture cannot build up.

If the blueberries are to be consumed for more than ten days, freeze them, and they could last for about six months.

Should you wash blueberries before refrigerating them?

Blueberries should not be washed when stored in the fridge. It is important to keep them dry; washing them would only add excess moisture to the berries.

You should only wash blueberries if you plan to eat them right away or freeze them, as the excess moisture will protect them from freezer burn. [2]

Final Thoughts

While fresh berries last only in the fridge for ten days, frozen blueberries last longer for up to 6 months.

Always remember to check first for overripe blueberries and moldy berries before storing them, as they may spoil other blueberries quickly.

With just a few precautions followed correctly, anyone can enjoy delicious berries without worrying about spoiling too soon.


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