How Long Is Canned Pumpkin Good For Once Opened

How Long Is Canned Pumpkin Good For Once Opened?

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The contents of canned pumpkin are essentially mashed squash, making it difficult to detect any unpleasant odors. Many individuals are unsure of how long an opened can of pumpkin can last in the fridge and how to determine if it has spoiled.

Luckily, this article can answer all those questions. If you want to know how long a canned pumpkin is good for once opened, read on and find out.

How Long Does Canned Pumpkin Last Once Opened?

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Generally, an opened canned pumpkin could last up to seven days in the refrigerator if stored in a sealed container. 

But if you wish to maximize its shelf life, you should store the canned pumpkin contents inside a food-grade freezer bag and let it freeze inside the freezer. It could last up to three months without sacrificing its fresh taste.

If left at room temperature, an opened canned pumpkin could only last up to three hours. That’s why it is best to consume it right away.


Opened Canned Pumpkin Shelf Life


An opened canned pumpkin could last in the refrigerator for about five to seven days if stored correctly in an air-tight container. It should be refrigerated and closed adequately to prevent the air from contaminating the contents.

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All contents of opened canned pumpkins should be transferred to a heavy-duty freezer bag or sealed container before putting inside the freezer. A frozen pumpkin could last up to three months if it is closed and appropriately covered.

Freezing the pumpkin puree is the best way to extend its shelf life even after its best-before date. The freezing method could help maintain its freshness longer.

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Kept at Room Temperature

It is not advisable to leave an opened canned pumpkin at room temperature. The shelf life of canned pumpkins varies depending on the weather. During summer days, an opened canned pumpkin could only last one to two hours.

In winter, an opened canned pumpkin’s shelf life could extend up to three hours. But it is not safe to store opened canned pumpkin at room temperature because heat and moisture could lessen its shelf life.

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How To Tell If Opened Canned Pumpkin Has Gone Bad

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Bad Taste

Fresh, canned pumpkin tastes sweet; if it goes bad, the first thing that your taste bud might notice is the absence of its bright, sweet flavor. Instead of sweet, its taste became sour and nasty, which might trigger nausea.

It is typical for all canned food to have a terrible strange taste when gone bad. You should avoid eating canned pumpkins if they taste different already.

Off Odor

The common sign of spoilage in opened canned pumpkins is their unpleasant stinky smell. Just like its spoiled taste, it also smelled sour and disgusting. If you smell an off odor in your opened canned pumpkins, you should discard it immediately.


The appearance of molds developing around the contents of the pumpkin is the most obvious sign that it has gone bad. It happens if the opened canned pumpkin isn’t sealed correctly before putting it inside the fridge. The moisture from the air entering the container cause the molds to grow.

Proper Storage of Opened Canned Pumpkin

The proper storage of opened canned pumpkins is to transfer the contents to a different container that should be air-tight before putting it inside the refrigerator. It should be appropriately covered to avoid contamination.

It is not safe to store the opened canned pumpkin inside the fridge with its content because it could increase the building of botulinum bacteria in the pumpkin, lessening its shelf-life and making it unsafe to eat. [1]


Can you refrigerate leftover canned pumpkin?

Yes, you can refrigerate leftover canned pumpkins as long as they are properly stored in a sealed container. An unsealed container of leftover pumpkin is easy to spoil and attracts molds and bacteria.

Leftover pumpkins should be removed from its can and transferred to a clean food-grade air-tight container.

How long does canned pumpkin last after being frozen and thawed?

A defrosted canned pumpkin in the refrigerator could last for another three to four days in the fridge. If you thaw a canned pumpkin using cold water or the microwave, it could last shorter and should be consumed immediately.

In Summary

An opened canned pumpkin is safe to eat for seven days if it is transferred and stored properly in the fridge. We should always note that all canned goods should be emptied from their content after opening and avoid using the can again for storage.

It is safe to store the canned pumpkin puree contents in an air-tight container or cover it adequately before putting it inside the freezer or in the fridge to make it last up to three months without affecting its health benefits and taste.


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