How Long Can You Refrigerate A Prime Rib Before Cooking

How Long Can You Refrigerate A Prime Rib Before Cooking?

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It can prove to be difficult to determine the shelf life of a particular type of meat, like a steak, in the refrigerator, especially for beginner cooks. However, there are ways to uncover and comprehend these aspects when learning how to prepare a prime rib.

If you want to know how long you can refrigerate a prime rib before cooking, keep scrolling and find out.

How Long Can a Prime Rib Last in the Fridge Before Cooking? 

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There are many different ways to preserve a prime rib inside the fridge. There’s the dry-age method in which the meat is dried and stored in a vacuum seal and could last up to twenty-eight days in the freezer.

The wet-age method is also commonly used at home and recommended for shorter preservation. A prime rib preserve with all its juice in this method could last about fourteen days before cooking.

You can also store your prime rib in a sealed container before putting it inside the fridge, and it could last up to a couple of days.


How Long Should You Refrigerate It

Stored In Air-Tight Container

An uncooked prime rib can be kept inside an air-tight container to avoid contamination before putting it inside the refrigerator. It can last up to three days.

If the meat is exposed to air, bacteria might build up and affect the quality and taste of the flesh. 

Using Dry Aging Method

The dry aging method is ideal for the long-term preserving the prime rib. The properly dry-aged meat could last up to thirty to forty days inside the refrigerator. 

The method requires the meat to completely dry with its juice or moisture before placing it inside a dry age bag and vacuum sealing it. The dry-aged meat inside the fridge is usually tastier when cooked but lesser in size because of the process.

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Using Wet Aging Method

The wet aging method is the most commonly used of aging beef. It is ideal for short-term preservation because you can only keep it in the fridge for at least fourteen days before cooking.

In wet aging, the prime rib is preserved together with its juices. This process might sacrifice the taste and quality of the meat.

How To Tell If Refrigerated Prime Rib Has Gone Bad 

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Your refrigerated prime rib has gone bad if the color of the meat changes from pink to greenish or brown. Some may also grow mold on their meat, and you should throw them away immediately.


Spoiled refrigerated prime ribs may develop foul, sour, or ammonia-like odors. It commonly happens in meat exposed to air, and the bacteria attack the rib. It means that bacteria contaminated the beef, which is not safe to consume anymore.


The refrigerated prime rib texture could change the consistency when spoiled and slimy. It may also feel gooey. It is because the bacteria attacked the structure of the meat, causing it to tear on the muscle.

Can You Freeze Prime Rib? 

Yes, you can freeze prime rib to prolong its shelf life. Meat manufacturers freeze meat in two ways, and the best way to freeze it is via a dry-age method. Freezing meat properly could increase the meat quality in all aspects.

Most people also freeze their newly-bought prime rib to avoid spoiling and contamination, so it is safe to cook and eat.

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How to Thaw Refrigerated Prime Rib Before Cooking

According to USDA, the recommended and best ways to thaw a frozen prime rib are via a cold water dip, heating it in the microwave, or the slow process of letting it thaw in the refrigerator. [1] 

It is not advisable to defrost your prime rib in other locations because it might get contaminated.

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How long can prime rib stay in the fridge after the sell-by date?

A prime rib can stay in the fridge for at least five days after the sell-by-date if it is properly stored and frozen. It could last up to a month if you use a dry-age method before placing it inside the fridge.

How long can you refrigerate cooked prime rib?

You can refrigerate cooked prime rib for at least four days. You should properly store it in a container or wrap it with a paper towel to avoid contamination.

Not letting cooked prime develop moisture inside the container is also recommended to prevent bacteria from growing.

In Conclusion

To properly preserve your prime rib, place it in the freezer before cooking. Also, make sure to follow all the precautions before consuming it to avoid health risks and food poisoning.

A prime rib is an expensive part of the meat, and letting it go to waste is the least we want. That’s why it is better to have a piece of knowledge on the proper way of preserving it to extend its shelf life.


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