Different Types Of Wooden Spoons And Their Uses

Different Types Of Wooden Spoons & Their Uses (Updated)

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There is a broad variety of wooden spoons available, each with their own unique uses.

This blog post will discuss the most common wooden spoons and their purposes.

We will also provide some helpful tips for selecting the best wooden spoon. Let’s get started.

10 Types Of Wooden Spoons & Their Uses

1. Soup Spoon

Wooden Soup Spoon

Soup spoons are designed to have a large bowl and a long handle. The large bowl is perfect for scooping soup or stew, and the long handle keeps your hand far away from the heat of the bowl.

Soup spoons are also often used for serving, as the large bowl makes it easy to portion out servings.

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2. Desert Spoon

Desert spoons are one of the most popular types of wooden spoons. They are typically made from dark hardwoods, such as ebony or rosewood.

Desert spoons have a long, slender handle with a flat bowl. The bowl is usually shallow and wide, making it ideal for scooping up dry ingredients or stir-frying vegetables.

3. Salad Spoon

Another popular type of wooden spoon is the salad spoon. Salad spoons are similar to desert spoons but have a slightly larger bowl and a shorter handle.

This makes them perfect for tossing salads or scooping up fruit. Salad spoons are often made from lighter wood, such as birch or maple.

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4. Cooking Spoon

Wooden Cooking Spoon

Cooking spoons are the largest type of wooden spoon and have a deep bowl with a long handle. They are ideal for stirring soups or sauces, and their size makes them perfect for serving large portions.

Cooking spoons are typically made from heavy-duty hardwoods, such as oak or cherry.

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5. Risotto Spoon

Risotto spoons are a type of wooden spoon specifically designed for stirring risotto. Risotto is an Italian rice dish cooked in broth and often includes other ingredients such as vegetables, cheese, and meat.

Risotto [1] spoons have a long, slender handle that allows the cook to reach the bottom of the pot easily, and they also have a deep bowl that is perfect for scooping up large quantities of rice.

In addition to risotto, these spoons can also be used for other rice dishes, soups, stews, and pasta. 

6. Slotted Spoon

Earlywood Slotted Spoon Holes

Slotted spoons are wooden spoons with a slot or hole cut into the spoon’s bowl. These slots allow liquids to drain away from solids, making it easy to remove items from a liquid without lifting the contents of the pot or pan.

Slotted spoons are commonly used to remove cooked vegetables from boiling water and drain excess grease from fried foods. They can also be used for straining stocks and sauces. 

7. Soup Ladle

Soup ladles are large wooden spoons that are specifically designed for serving soup. They have a deep bowl that is perfect for scooping up large quantities of soup, and they also have a long handle that helps to keep the user’s hand away from the hot liquid.

Soup ladles are often used with slotted spoons, as they can remove solid ingredients from the soup before it is served. 

8. Serving Spoon

Serving spoons are large wooden spoons that are specifically designed for serving food. They typically have a shallow bowl and a long handle, making them ideal for scooping food from platters and serving bowls.

Serving spoons can be used for both cooked and raw foods and are often used in conjunction with forks or tongs. 

9. Turner Or Spatula

Wooden turners or spatulas are flat pieces of wood with rounded edges that are used for flipping or turning food while cooking. These utensils can be used for frying and baking and are essential tools for any kitchen.

My mom said the two most important kitchen utensils are attached to your arms… you cannot mix up meatballs with a wooden spoon; get in there, get your fingers dirty!”

– Rachael Ray, TV Host/Cook

Wooden turners or spatulas typically have a long handle that helps to keep the user’s hand away from the heat source, and they also have a broad surface area that makes it easy to flip or turn large quantities of food at once.

10. Spork

handcrafted wooden spork

The spork is a hybrid utensil that combines the features of a spoon and a fork. Traditionally made of wood, the spork is perfect for scooping and stabbing food.

It’s also great for camping and picnics, as it can be used for eating and cooking.


u003cstrongu003eWhat is the best type of wooden spoon for cooking?u003c/strongu003e

It depends on the type of cooking. For stirring sauces or gravies, a wooden spoon with a long, thin handle is best so that you can reach the bottom of the pan.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eFor stirring soups, a taller spoon with a wide bowl is better so that you can stir without making too much of a mess.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eSome people also like to use wooden spoons for baking because they don’t conduct heat as well as metal spoons and won’t scratch non-stick baking pans.

u003cstrongu003eShould you boil your wooden spoons?u003c/strongu003e

No need to boil your wooden spoons. It’s not even a good idea. Boiling water can cause the wood to swell and become misshapen; over time, it could lead to the spoon cracking or breaking.

u003cstrongu003eDo wooden spoons hold a lot of bacteria?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, they do. Wooden spoons can harbor bacteria because the wood is porous and can absorb food and moisture. This creates a perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

Key Takeaways

There are many types of wooden spoons, each with its purpose.

The right type of spoon can make all the difference in your cooking. Be sure to choose the right spoon for the job to get the best results.


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