Best Vegetarian Options At Taco Bell

10 Best Vegetarian Options At Taco Bell: Ranked (2023)

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It can be challenging to find something that tastes good and satisfies your cravings when ordering vegan or looking for vegetarian fast food dishes.

Luckily, the Taco Bell menu has a wide variety of tasty vegetarian selections that give you plenty of options to customize your heavy or light meal.

We found the best vegetarian options at Taco Bell fast food restaurant that you shouldn’t miss. Check them out.

Top 10 Tasty Vegetarian Options At Taco Bell

10. Cheesy Potato Griller

Average Price: around $1.99

Why We Love It: The cheesy potato griller from Taco Bell’s vegetarian menu is stuffed with potato bites that have been seasoned, cheese, and sour cream. [1]This is the cheesy Fiesta Potatoes dish reimagined as a bean burrito for those who choose a burrito over a taco.

Cheesy potato griller is the burrito version of cheesy fiesta potatoes. Like cheesy fiesta potatoes, spread some nacho cheese sauce and sour cream over potatoes to finish the tasty dish, then roll everything up in a tortilla.

9. Nachos Bell Grande

Homemade Nacho's Bellgrande

Average Price: around $4.99

Why We Love It: The Nachos Bell Grande is a hearty serving of seasoned nachos covered with extra warm nacho cheese sauce, diced tomatoes, black beans, and chilled sour cream.

Because the cheese is created from vegetable-based cheese and the nacho chips are made from corn, this is also vegan-friendly. You can add guacamole [2], created from avocados, and pico de gallo is likewise vegan.

8. Black Bean Quesarito

Average Price: around $4.49

Why We Love It: The exterior of the flour tortilla of Black Bean Quesarito is noticeably darker than it should be. Additionally, it had the flavor of bacon.

The top layer of the burnt tortilla looked like some plastic cheese, and the insides were coated with chipotle, giving it a great taste of heat and a flavor reminiscent of smoke.

7. Cheesy Gordita Crunch

Hand Holding Cheesy Gordita Crunch

Average Price: around $4.59

Why We Love It: We love the cheese, tomatoes, and spicy ranch in a fluffy, soft shell. Make sure to substitute beans since it comes with beef. If you’re very indulgent, request nacho cheese on the side and jalapeno peppers.

6. Mexican Pizza

Average Price: around $4.99

Why We Love It: Refried black beans are the base of a Veggie Mexican Pizza, which also features pizza sauce, a three-cheese blend, and diced onions and tomatoes as toppings.

Additionally, there is the option to order vegan Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell without shredded cheese but with Mexican pizza sauce and refried beans.

5. Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme

Average Price: around $4.89

Why We Love It: For those seeking a filling veggie supper approved by American Vegetarian Association, the Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme is a fantastic option.

It is a massive tortilla pocket filled with nacho cheese sauce, black beans, lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and low-fat sour cream that has been expertly grilled.

Guacamole and refried black beans should be added to the dish to increase the number of nutrients like protein, fiber, and healthy fat. [3] You can also get Taco Bell’s black beans and rice burrito bowl with red sauce or other hot sauces.

4. Spicy Potato Soft Taco

hand Holding Homemade Spicy Potato Soft Taco

Average Price: around $1.00

Why We Love It: Fried potatoes cut into cubes are a dish that can never go wrong at Taco Bell’s spicy potato soft taco. Potatoes just cannot fail to satisfy your taste buds.

These fatty starch soft taco cubes with potatoes are made even better by adding sour cream and cheese. You can add cinnamon twists to your vegetarian meal.

3. Cheese Quesadilla

Hand Holding Cheese Quesadilla

Average Price: around $4.29

Why We Love It: It’s a tasty and gooey snack that always satisfies a cheese quesadilla. It has a three-cheese mixture between two flour tortillas that have been perfectly melted.

Refried beans, lettuce, diced tomatoes, and guacamole are excellent additions to this dish to make it even more delicious.

Additionally, you can always acquire the nacho cheese sauce as a dipping sauce if the melty cheese and guacamole sauce are insufficient.

2. Crunchwrap Supreme

Crunchwrap Supreme on a wooden Board

Average Price: around $4.89

Why We Love It: Their famous Crunchwrap Supreme features Nacho Cheese Sauce, sour cream, beans, lettuce, a crunchy tostada, and tomato inside a warm flour tortilla.

There is lots of plastic cheese, aromatic black beans, and other toppings. But despite being called crunch wrap supreme, it’s not crunchy. It is also served with a drink or chips.

Cinnamon twists and seasoned rice can also be added at a small additional cost.

1. Chalupa Supreme

hand holding chalupa

Average Price: around $3.99

Why We Love It: If you have a taste for fried food, try this shell with lettuce, tomatoes, and beans inside. If you order vegan options, you can be confident that the black bean chalupa will still be equally delicious without cheese and sour cream.

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.”

– Paul Prudhomme, American Chef

This chalupa has less salt than most others, which is suitable for anyone on a sodium-restricted diet. It can be served with rice. Beans and tacos.


Is Taco Bell good for vegetarians?

Yes, because vegetarians can choose from many Taco Bell vegetarian and vegan menu items. One of the famous Taco Bell vegetarian menu items is a bean burrito wrapped with tortillas.

Customers can customize their orders via veggie mode to make the dish vegetarian. Add potatoes, seasoned rice, lettuce, beans, tacos, or any non-meat ingredients to make it vegan.

Are Taco Bell hash browns vegetarian?

Yes, hashbrowns on Taco Bell’s vegetarian menu are vegan and suitable for vegetarians.

It is a classic deep-fried potato cake that can be topped with reduced-fat sour cream, nacho cheese sauce, or chipotle sauce.

Vegan means meat-free at Taco Bell. However, some restaurants fry meat-free and meat-containing foods in the same oil.

How to make things vegetarian at Taco Bell?

To make things vegetarian at Taco Bell, ask them to make your dish “vegetarian” or “vegan” with beans or lettuce instead of meat.

Or, request that your food be prepared “fresca style” (without cheese or other dairy products). [4]

Which Taco Bell sauce is vegetarian?

Taco Bell’s vegetarian sauces are mild sauce, diablo sauce, fire sauce, chipotle sauce, green chile sauce, green tomatillo sauce, avocado ranch sauce, and red sauce.

The sauces mentioned above are all certified vegan-friendly plant-based options that can be added to your burrito.

To Sum It Up

In general, the best vegetarian option at Taco Bell is the Chalupa Supreme because it is still tasty without cheese and dressing and can be customized into a vegan-friendly meal.

For around $3.99, you can have the Chalupa Supreme loaded with beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and hot sauce made of jalapeño peppers.

You can also add tacos, rice, or potato fiesta strips for additional calories.


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