Best Store-Bought Hoagie Rolls

15 Best Store-Bought Hoagie Rolls Tasted & Ranked

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A lot of individuals know the term ‘sub’ to refer to a cold sandwich. Yet, in regions such as Philadelphia and South Jersey, the word ‘hoagie’ is more frequently used and it is linked to Italian-American heritage.

Hoagies usually have a harder bread filled with Italian meats and cheeses.

Let’s see some of the best store-bought hoagie rolls you should try for your next sandwich.

Top 15 Store-Bought Hoagie Rolls You Need To Try

1. Sarcone’s Bakery Hoagie Rolls

Homemade Sandwich Roll

Average Price: around $6-8 (per dozen) 

Why We Love It: These hoagie rolls are fresh with soft, chewy insides and crispy exteriors. It was being baked daily since it was always being sold out. 

Our team had to get this one first thing in the morning before it runs out. It has a slightly sweet flavor made by a family-owned baking business in Philadelphia that was established in 1918.

2. Calandra’s Bakery Hoagie Rolls

Average Price: around $4-6 (6 pcs)

Why We Love It: The rolls are perfect for sandwiches because of their fluffy and light texture. It has a mouth-watering smell of freshly baked bread and a slightly sweet taste. 

Calandra’s Bakery has been making delicious Italian and French baked goods since 1962 after opening its first bakery in Newark, New Jersey.

3. Stroehmann’s Hoagie Rolls

Average Price: around $3-6

Why We Love It: Stroehmann’s hoagie rolls are one of the classic choices for your favorite sandwiches. It has a soft and fluffy texture with hints of sweetness. 

This brand started when Fred G. Stroehmann opened his first bakery in 1892. It is now under the Bimbo Bakeries USA in Pennsylvania. 

4. DiBruno Bros. Hoagie Rolls

Average Price: around $4-6 (6 pcs) 

Why We Love It: DiBruno Bros is a food retailer founded in 1939 by Danny and Joe Di Bruno in the Italian Market. For over 80 years, the company has served countless customers with various food, gifts, events, and catering services.

Their hoagie rolls, made of high-quality ingredients, have a crispy crust and a chewy inside.

5. H&S Bakery Hoagie Rolls

Hoagie Rolls on a Plate

Average Price: around $3-5 (8 pcs) 

Why We Love It: H&S Bakery, Schmidt Baking Company, and Northeast Foods make up the H&S Family of Bakeries, one of the largest family-owned variety bakeries in the United States. 

Similar to other brands, their hoagie rolls are also slightly sweet with a soft texture.

6. Martin’s Hoagie Rolls

Average Price: around $10 (6 pcs) 

Why We Love It: Martin’s hoagie rolls are made of Italian white dough, which could be used with salami, pepperoni, prosciutto, spicy sausages, or various vinegar and oil dressings. 

The breads are fresh, soft, and tasty, but it’s a bit more expensive than other hoagie rolls.

7. Liscio’s Bakery Hoagie Rolls

Average Price: around $5 (6 pcs) 

Why We Love It: Liscio’s Bakery was founded by James Liscio in 1994 after working in a bakery for 14 years. It offers one of the best bread with its three local stores in New Jersey. 

Their bread is perfect for any hoagies recipes you want to try, especially in hot antipasto subs. 

8. Conshohocken Bakery Hoagie Rolls

Hand Holding Hoagie Rolls

Average Price: around $4-7

Why We Love It: Conshohocken Bakery has been voted Best in Philly Hotlist for five consecutive years. Their rolls are their most popular product, perfect for hoagies. 

“These crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside buns [hoagie rolls] are so good and make everything from French dip sandwiches to sloppy joes to hamburgers taste so much better.”

– Brenda Stanley, Cookbook Author & Novelist

9. Philly Style Pretzel Hoagie Rolls

Average Price: around $7 (10 pcs) 

Why We Love It: This one is an ideal alternative if you’re getting tired of the same combination of bagel, egg, old bacon, and cheese. 

The soft pretzel adds more doughy flavor and saltiness to your favorite breakfast sandwich. 

10. Wegmans Hoagie Rolls

Average Price: around $5 (6 pcs) 

Why We Love It: Hoagies from Wegmans are among its most noteworthy products. It has many positive customer reviews, with the roast beef ranking as among the best of its sandwiches.

You can have these delicious treats in seven to fourteen-inch hoagie rolls. 

11. Cacia’s Bakery Hoagie Rolls

Average Price: around $12-26 (includes fillings) 

Why We Love It: Cacia’s Bakery already has hoagies available on a half or whole loaf using their famous tasty bread. You can order hoagie rolls filled with pepper cheese and ham or the “Big Boss.” 

The “Traditional” also includes imported ham and American cheese in the recipe.

12. Tastykake Hoagie Rolls

Hoagie Rolls

Average Price: around $3-5

Why We Love It: The Tasty Baking Company was founded in 1914 by Phillip Baur, a Pittsburgh baker, and Herbert Morris, an egg salesman [1]

These tasty hoagie rolls can be used for a comforting tuna melt with garlic, tomatoes, and cheese.

13. S. Rosen’s Hoagie Rolls

Average Price: around $2-3 (6 pcs) 

Why We Love It: These fresh and delicious hoagie rolls are among the most affordable on our list. 

It is the perfect choice to serve seniors and little children who are more accustomed to having soft bread for their sandwiches. 

14. Primo’s Hoagie Rolls

Average Price: around $8-40 (with fillings) 

Why We Love It: You can order Primo’s hoagie rolls online with various fillings, like Turkey breast, roasted beef, cheese, chicken cutlet, tuna, and many others.

You can customize the fillings according to your preference, and the website also allows you to see the nutritional information of each hoagie. 

15. Amoroso’s Hoagie Rolls

Hoagie Rolls on a Wooden Board

Average Price: around $25-28 (18 pcs)

Why We Love It: You might think this one is another expensive product, but we assure you that these rolls are worth every penny you pay.

You can order it online and save it up for a special gathering. Try adding some sliced turkey or chicken to make satisfying hoagies. 


u003cstrongu003eWhat is the best substitute for hoagie rolls?u003c/strongu003e

The best substitutes for hoagie rolls are French baguettes, sub rolls, or ciabatta bread.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eHowever, you must choose a sturdy bread to support fillings like tomato, lettuce, cheese, meats, and hot pepper spread u003ca href=u0022[2]u003c/au003e. The inside must be fluffy but not so delicate. 

u003cstrongu003eHow do you make store-bought hoagie rolls better?u003c/strongu003e

You can make store-bought hoagie rolls better by brushing olive oil or butter, adding seasonings, or toasting them in the oven.

On A Final Note

Finding the perfect hoagie roll for your favorite sandwiches was easy because these top families and bakery businesses have perfected their bread for decades. You would always have a choice whether you’re looking for a crispy or soft hoagie roll for your recipe.

So try one of these hoagie roll varieties the next time you prepare your breakfast sandwich or have friends come for a gathering.


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