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12 Best Grilled Chicken Sandwiches: Fast Food Guide (2023)

Last Updated on April 3, 2023 by Shari Mason

Grilled chicken is not masked by seasonings and fried breading; unfortunately, some end up dry and tasteless.

Nobody wants to gamble on sad grilled chicken sandwiches, so we went to different fast-food restaurants and taste-tested different grilled chicken sandwiches so you can get your money’s worth.

Here’s our take on the best-grilled chicken sandwich: fast-food edition.

Top 12 Fast Food Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

12. Hardee’s: Charbroiled Chicken Club Sandwich 

Grilled Chicken Burger

Why We Like It: Hardee’s is known for their burgers, but they also have an excellent selection of grilled chicken sandwiches.

We tried their Chardboiled Chicken Club sandwich, and the grilled chicken is juicy and tender with a nice char on the outside. The smoky taste is there, and the bacon is nicely cooked.

We wished there was smoky honey mustard or honey-roasted bbq sauce instead of just mayonnaise, but the lettuce and tomato covered it.

11. Culver’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Why We Like It: Of all the grilled chicken sandwiches we tried, Culver’s has the thickest chicken.

It features a whole grilled chicken breast that is hand seasoned with black pepper and salt.

It has some pickles, shredded lettuce, and ripe tomato to enhance the taste of the fast-food chicken sandwich. Also, we are impressed with the buttered bun- soft and buttery.

10. Jack in the Box Sourdough Grilled Chicken Club

Why We Like It: Jack in the Box lands in tenth rank (which is not bad). Their sourdough bread is, as usual, great-chewy and airy, and the chicken filet is good.

The chicken is perfectly seasoned, tender, and juicy, but the mayo overpowers the other flavors of the sandwich.

It has green leaf lettuce, Colby Jack cheese, tomato, and crispy bacon for a balanced meal.

9. Bojangles’ Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Why We Like It: Bojangles’ deep-fried chicken sandwich is impressively flavorful and crunchy, so we have high expectations with their grilled sandwich.

Honestly, there is nothing special about their seared chicken breast, but we like the toasted and buttered bun from this fast food restaurant.

The creamy mayo, lettuce, and tomato enhanced the taste of the fast food sandwich, but we hope they add bacon for improvements.

8. Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Why We Like It: Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich is one the most adventurous chicken clubs we have ever tasted.

The chicken is marinated in herbs and complemented with arugula, romaine, spinach, and chard greens. The honey mustard and their toasted multigrain bun are on point.

It’s a good deal and a surprisingly delicious offering from a burger joint compared to Burger King. You can ask for Asiago cheese, bbq sauce, and Asiago ranch club if you like.

7. Shake Shack Griddled Chick’n Club

Shake Shack Griddled Chick'n Club with Fries

Why We Like It: Yes, Shake Shack joined the trend in 2018 [1] with their Griddled Chick’n Club, and we’re obsessed.

The chicken breast is expertly charred on the grill (you’ll see the grill marks there) with two strips of thick applewood-smoked bacon.

It is smoky and flavorful, not to mention the herb mayonnaise, ripe tomatoes, and signature potato bun that complements each other.

6. Swenson’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Why We Like It: Swenson’s chicken sandwich is served with a toasted wheat bun. We like the veggie toppings (lettuce and tomato), but the chicken breast can be salty for some.

The toasted bun is soft and buttery, and it’s wise that they don’t add cheese because it can make their chicken saltier.

5. McDonald’s Artisan Grilled Chicken

Why We Like It: Macca’s “Artisan” chicken sandwich is a grilled breast fillet with tomato, lettuce, and vinaigrette dressing between McDonald’s artisan bun.

The dressing gave a different flavor to the sandwich, but it was messy to eat. We noticed that the bun was slightly sweet, which works best with the savory taste of the grilled chicken.

4. The Habit Grilled Chicken Club

Why We Like It: The Habit is one of the best grilled chicken sandwiches we have ever tasted. The chicken is thick, juicy, and tender and does not overpower other ingredients.

We noticed hints of earthy pepper and bright lemon on their chicken, and the layers of bacon added texture to the sandwich.

We like that it has seasoned avocado and crisp lettuce because it adds texture and flavor to the sandwich. Also, the sourdough is toasted to perfection, but skip the mayo.

3. Carl’s Jr Charbroiled Chicken Club

Why We Like It: Carl’s Jr Chardboiled Chicken Club is a fan favorite, thanks to its flavorful and juicy chicken.

We noticed that their seared chicken has smokey notes and a nice infusion of buttery brioche bun and melted swiss cheese.

Adding bacon and cheese is wise, making it higher than their BBQ chicken club.

2. Panera Spicy Take Chicken Sandwich

Why We Like It: Panera Spicy Take is a highly recommended sandwich because of its well-seasoned seared chicken, sauces, and brioche bun.

It is smeared in spicy buffalo sauce, garlic aioli, and crispy fried pickles. The spiciness explodes in our mouth but shifts to an earthy and satisfying crunch.

The garlic aioli gives a different take to the sandwich, but it would be much better if you could add avocado and parmesan crisps.

1. Chick-Fil-A Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Slicing Chick-Fil-A Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Why We Like It: Chick-Fil-A offers fried chicken, but their grilled chicken sandwich is worth every penny. The chicken breast is grill-charred, juicy, and well-seasoned.

“Life is good when you have a good sandwich.”

~ Keanu Reeves, Actor

It does not need other distractions because it is hugely enjoyable. Also, the multigrain bun is soft as a pillow, and we like its low calories.


What is the healthiest fast-food grilled chicken sandwich? 

Chick-Fil-A has the healthiest grilled chicken sandwich. It is low in calories, protein-packed, and served in multigrain buns.

Where to get a fast food keto-friendly grilled chicken sandwich?

You can get a keto-friendly [2] grilled chicken sandwich at Culver’s. Just skip their buns and sauces and ask for more lettuce instead.

Is a fast food grilled chicken sandwich healthy? 

Yes, the grilled chicken sandwich from fast food is healthy. It is healthier than burgers because it contains fewer calories and fat. However, it can be high in sodium, depending on how it is seasoned.

Final Verdict

After careful deliberation and whole-day tastings, Chick-Fil-A grilled chicken sandwich is the clear winner.

Chick-Fil-A knows how to do chicken, and they once again proved it in their grilled sandwiches. It is well-seasoned, juicy, simple, flavorful, and enjoyable to eat.


Shari Mason

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