Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

15 Best Cheese Options For Chicken Sandwich Ranked

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Selecting the ideal cheese for your chicken sandwich can be a daunting task given the more than a thousand varieties available globally.

Some cheeses can be a perfect match and blend well with other flavors and ingredients of a chicken sandwich, but some varieties may turn it bad.

Through several taste tests, I discovered the best cheese for a chicken sandwich that exceeded my expectations.

Top 15 Cheese Options Perfect For Chicken Sandwiches

1. Cheddar Cheese

Slicing Cheese on a Machine

Average Price: around $6 per pound

Why We Love It: Cheddar cheese was created in the 11th century in the village of Cheddar, England, where it also got its name [1]. It is an orange-to-yellow cheese and is made with cow’s milk.

It comes in different varieties ranging from mild to extra sharp. Mild Cheddar is usually aged from three to six months, and it can level up the flavor of the chicken sandwiches without being overpowerful. 

Cheddar is known for its creaminess and slight saltiness. Adding it to a grilled chicken sandwich would provide an additional depth of flavor for the sandwich.


2. Feta Cheese

Person Slicing Homemade Feta Cheese

Average Price: around $5-10 per pound

Why We Love It: Feta cheese has a mild to sharp, tangy flavor depending on which milk was used for its production. 

This cheese is a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) product, meaning it has to come from certain areas in Greece to be called “feta” [2]

It is a nutritious and versatile cheese that pairs well with chicken, side dishes, and other food. Feta cheese has a strong salty flavor, usually found in Greek cuisines, adding a burst of strong flavor to chicken sandwiches or any other poultry-based sandwiches.

3. Taleggio

Slicing Taleggio Cheese

Average Price: around $15-20 per pound

Why We Love It: Taleggio is an Italian cheese from Val Taleggio, an Alpine valley where it was named after. The first mention of this creamy cheese dates back to as early as the 10th century. 

It was produced from cow’s milk and is an excellent addition to savory dishes like pasta sauces, soups, quiches, and gratins.

Taleggio cheese has a rich, creamy, nutty, and salty flavor that goes well with vegetable and poultry ingredients. 

This semi-soft cheese melts easily, making it an excellent ingredient for grilled chicken sandwiches.

4. Blue Cheese

two slices of blue cheese

Average Price: around $10-40 per pound

Why We Love It: This cheese has a soft and creamy texture believed to have been invented accidentally during the Middle Ages.

It was said that a cheesemaker in Roquefort, France left behind a half-eaten bread in a cave and discovered it covered with mold upon his return. 

The mold turned the cheese’s color blue, hence the blue cheese. This cheese can be affordable or highly-priced, depending on the maker. 

It is savory when used in cheesy pasta dishes, meat stuffings, fresh vegetables, and chicken sandwiches.

5. Smoked Gouda Cheese

Gouda Cheese on a Wooden Board

Average Price: around $10-40 per pound

Why We Love It: Smoked Gouda is a cheese variety that has been smoked using ancient brick ovens, resulting in a yellow, creamy interior. 

“I love the cheese on the Acme fried hot chicken sandwich. It adds a creamy texture, and it somehow cools the heat from the hot chicken. I’ll eat cheese on almost anything.”

– Matt Farley, Executive Chef at Acme Feed & Seed

It goes well with nuts, fruits, and dark chocolates, but its flavor greatly enhances a sandwich or hamburger.

6. Monterey Jack Cheese

Man Slicing Monterey Jack Cheese

Average Price: around $5-10 per pound

Why We Love It: Monterey Jack cheese originated in the 18th century from Franciscan monks and has become a common ingredient for various Mexican dishes, like tacos and quesadillas. 

This American semi-hard cheese is made from cow’s milk, resulting in mild cheese with a buttery flavor and creamy texture, unlike the granular texture of cottage cheese.

Monterey Jack cheese can be a great all-purpose cheese when melted over cheese-based dishes and grilled chicken sandwiches. 

Combining juicy grilled chicken and melted Monterey Jack cheese leads to a savory flavor that will delight the taste buds.

7. Parmesan Cheese

Person Holding Whole Parmesan Cheese

Average Price: around $10-30 per pound

Why We Love It: Parmesan is an Italian cheese with a PDO. It is salty, sweet, bitter, and has a crumbly, grainy texture. 

This hard cheese has been aged from months to years before hitting the grocery stores, and it provides an exciting complexity when served in chicken sandwiches. 

Parmesan cheese has a nutty flavor that pairs well with a spicy chicken sandwich as it helps balance out other seasonings in the filling, like peppers.

8. Swiss Cheese

Slicing Swiss Cheese

Average Price: around $5-10 per pound

Why We Love It: Swiss cheese in most grocery stores has been mass-produced to be sold at a reasonable price. These products labeled as “Swiss cheese” are low-fat varieties that have been shredded and sliced for quick distribution. 

Swiss cheese pairs well with chicken sandwiches because this classic combination complements each flavor in a way that only a few cheeses can. 

It has an assertive and sharp nutty flavor that balances the juicy chicken, lending another layer of texture and complexity to create a crowd-pleasing chicken sandwich.

9. Havarti Cheese

Havarti Cheese on a Vaccuum Sealed Plastic

Average Price: around $10-20 per pound

Why We Love It: Havarti is a semi-soft cheese that comes from cow’s milk. It has a creamy, soft texture and a surprisingly rich buttery taste at first bite. 

Havarti cheese has a mild flavor that is easy to pair with different fillings and bread, making it a versatile addition to most sandwiches. 

It can hold against the bold flavors of tomatoes and pickles usually included in chicken sandwiches. Other varieties are slightly tangy and have a mild acidity.

10. Gouda Cheese

Top View Image of a Person Slicing Gouda Cheese

Average Price: around $8-20 per pound

Why We Love It: Gouda is regularly on the list of the world’s most popular cheeses and is considered one of the world’s oldest surviving cheese varieties [3]. It is a semi-soft cheese made of cow’s milk (not goat’s milk) from the Netherlands.  

It is one of the cheeses that are best when heated up, making it an excellent choice for a grilled cheese sandwich with some green olives. Gouda offers strong flavors as it melts easily in the sandwich. 

11. White Cheddar Cheese

Average Price: around $5-10 per pound 

Why We Love It: Many Americans are more familiar with orange Cheddar, often used in macaroni and cheese, cheeseburgers, and grilled cheese sandwiches. 

White Cheddar is the same as Cheddar cheese without the orange dye. Most cheesemakers in the Midwest tend to use a plant extract called annatto to color their Cheddar nowadays. 

Pre-shredded Cheddar is already available at most grocery stores, cutting the time for preparing chicken sandwiches.

12. Queso Blanco Cheese

Average Price: around $5-10 per pound

Why We Love It: Queso Blanco, or “white cheese” in Spanish, is a common ingredient in various Mexican and Latin American dishes [4]

This cheese is an excellent topping or garnish because it does not melt even when heated. You can eat this cheese fresh or grill or fry it until it turns crispy. 

It is an easy cheese to make at home and has a tangy milk flavor, making it an excellent addition to a homemade chicken sandwich.

13. Fontina Cheese

Homemade Fontina Cheese

Average Price: around $10-30 per pound

Why We Love It: An authentic Fontina has PDO protection, but many variations of this cheese have already been made over the years.

The American-style Fontina cheese has been aged shorter than the Swedish-style, leading to a milder flavor and higher moisture. It is perfect for a grilling chicken sandwich, incorporating an earthy flavor and creamy texture. 

Fontina’s buttery flavors and gooey meltiness also pair it well with other foods like pizzas, baked strata, and casseroles. 

14. Mozzarella Cheese

Slicing Mozzarella Cheese

Average Price: around $5-10 per pound

Why We Love It: Mozzarella cheese is typically made of buffalo or cow’s milk and has a low-fat content, putting it on the list of healthy cheese options.

“Mozzarella magic turns a simple chicken sandwich into gourmet bliss.”

– Eat Pallet Restaurant & Food Advice

Add fresh mozzarella to deli chicken breasts with fresh herbs for extra cheesy chicken sandwiches.

The mellow flavor of the melted cheese blends well with the chicken’s seasoning, incorporating a rich, creamy texture to every bite of your chicken sandwiches.

15. Pepper Jack Cheese

Homemade Pepper Jack Cheese

Average Price: around $5-10 per pound

Why We Love It: Pepper Jack is the perfect choice if you are looking for a spicy chicken sandwich. This spicy Pepper Jack is a good addition to Mexican foods, burgers, and chicken sandwiches. 

It is a Monterey Jack’s variety but with sweet peppers, spicy jalapeños, and habañero chilies for a spicy cheese with a delicate buttery flavor. 

This semi-soft cheese added another layer of complexity to various dishes like pizzas, omelets, nachos, casseroles, and sandwiches. 


u003cstrongu003eWhat cheese goes best with chicken burgers?u003c/strongu003e

Cheddar, Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, and Smoked Gouda are the best cheeses for chicken burgers. These cheese varieties lend different subtle tastes and flavors to chicken burgers.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAside from Smoked Gouda, which is more expensive than other cheeses, these options are affordable and flavorful.

u003cstrongu003eWhat does Chick Fil A use for their chicken sandwiches?u003c/strongu003e

Chick Fil A uses Colby Jack, Pepper Jack, and American cheese for their chicken sandwiches. These cheese types are extra ingredients; you can choose which cheese you want. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAmerican cheese has a mild flavor, Colby Jack has enough spicy kick, and Pepper Jack is for those who crave spicy Chick Fil A. 

u003cstrongu003eIs cheese good on a crispy chicken sandwich?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, cheese tastes good on a crispy fried chicken sandwich. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eHowever, some people prefer to leave the cheese out of their crispy fried chicken sandwiches, and the answer varies depending on what suits their taste buds.

Final Thoughts  

The best cheese for your chicken sandwiches depends on your preference and the style of chicken sandwich you will have.

Different cheeses result in subtle changes in the flavor and texture of other ingredients used in the chicken sandwiches. You can have melted or shredded cheese or choose a spicy variety to complement your delicious chicken sandwich fillings.

Ensure that you add the right amount of cheese or use thin slices so it melts evenly to make the perfect chicken sandwich with a satisfying bite. 


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