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Comfortable, enticing and cozy, Pallet is flawless design infused with tasty, inventive food. The space and vibe evolve as the day passes, making it ideal for an array of dining experiences. Plenty of natural light floods Pallet throughout the day and our location is optimal for a downtown, business lunch or a casual catch-up with friends. Early evening sees our menu sharpen up and our lighting soften -- a great time for a mellow family dinner or a quicker experience (for those with later plans). Once the sun is down, the mood picks up; we light loads of candles, dim the lights and turn up the music to create a vibe that really suits the space. Our communal tables urge neighborly interaction, and diners get a sense of shared experience with others in our city. Pallet also offers individual seating, and in the months that allow, enjoy dining on our inviting patio on Pierpont Ave.



Hours & Location

237 South 400 West  Salt Lake City, Utah 84101