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 Our restaurant’s name pays homage to the building’s roots. Constructed in the early 1900’s, Pallet was originally the busy loading dock for Salt Lake Valley’s first creamery. We’ve updated the interior, but preserving the building’s heritage was vital, and we’ve taken measures to ensure that the history of the space remain intact.

The artwork in Pallet was commissioned specifically to speak to the era, and 100-year-old, reclaimed wood was used to create the dining-room flooring, tables, and the frame around our mirror over the bar. Even more notable are the many authentic details inside. Gashes in the brick, caused by loading trucks, are visible on our north wall. The concrete flooring near the bar marks the receiving dock area, and the original wood ceiling was repurposed on the south wall of the restroom corridor. As you enter that corridor, you’ll pass through the original receiving-area garage door to find an antique typewriter, specific to the era and in perfect working condition, should you be inclined to leave us a note.

We hope you enjoy our cuisine, history, design and atmosphere. Welcome to Pallet.



Hours & Location

237 South 400 West  Salt Lake City, Utah 84101