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 Project interior design was a collaborative effort led by Cody Derrick of the cityhome COLLECTIVE. As Salt Lake’s only real estate firm that also specializes in design, their collective taste and philosophy are equally impeccable “We follow the lead of the five senses, and anchor the result with history and function”. As our creative and design lead, Cody, with the help of design assistant, Andrea Beecher, mapped out a vision for the restaurant inspired by travel to places like Los Angeles, Austin, New York, Portland and Europe. Wisely, it was decided that the space should retain its historic authenticity; by utilizing timeless, natural materials, partnered with flawlessly-chosen details, it developed a feeling of simultaneous industrial utilitarianism and inviting warmth.


Project artisan carpentry was the work of Patrick Davis Design. Patch Davis and his skilled team collaborated effortlessly with our designer to build out the meat and potatoes of our space’s interior. Tables, cabinets and bar (mirror included) were conceived and created to perfection. As a nod to the building’s heritage, Patch sourced and repurposed original materials from the early 1900s, such as railroad push carts, shutters, and industrial lighting. A particularly clever touch, he constructed our entry walls from repurposed pallets; a respectful shout to the fact that the space was originally a loading dock.




 Hours & Location

237 South 400 West  Salt Lake City, Utah 84101