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Executive Chef, Zachary "Buzz" Willey

 We’ve assembled a top-notch culinary team, highly experienced and fully prepared to create an unequaled dining experience. At the top of that team is our Executive Chef, Zachary "Buzz" Willey.

 Buzz has long been enamored with the culinary arts, thanks to a grandmother who taught him the joy and perfection of classic, Italian cuisine.While studying business at the University of Utah years later, he worked in various Salt Lake City restaurants, and his passion for cooking and creating was reignited. He moved to San Diego and graduated with honors from the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of San Diego.

 Post graduation, Buzz pushed slightly north and began working at Pacifica Del Mar, an award-winning, fast-paced seafood restaurant. Despite starting at the bottom, he advanced adeptly through line-cook positions to become the restaurant’s private party chef. After nearly four years with Pacifica Del Mar, he moved on and began his work as sous chef for the Del Mar Country Club. It was here that he discovered an incredible mentor in his executive chef, and had the opportunity to work a vast array of large events with a private, fine-dining atmosphere. His observation of a range of phenomenal kitchens throughout the San Diego area, coupled with his side-by-side work with top culinary experts both local and national, inspired him. 

Buzz’s culinary mind is innovative, open, and cognizant of the importance of learning from everything around him. Those that have worked with him see a unique attitude and approach to the culinary industry that will lend Salt Lake City an entirely refreshing restaurant experience.



Hours & Location

237 South 400 West  Salt Lake City, Utah 84101