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CW30 - Summer Drinks Set Sail and Grapefruit Fizz

Bartender Matt Pfohl has been busy on the television lately, giving lessons on great mixed drinks tuned to summer heat.  Here he teaches CW30 how to make the Set Sail and Grapefruit Fizz. 


ABC4 - Summer Drinks Campari Smash and Pear Lime Fizz

Bartender Matt Pfohl teaches ABC 4 how to make his original (non-alcoholic) cocktail, the Pear Lime Fizz, as well as the Campari Smash.



Pallet named "Best Pure Utah Decor" by Salt Lake Magazine

The marvelous painitings at Pallet by artist Courtney Miles-Derrick caught the refined eyes of our friends at Salt Lake Magazine. They wrote about one curious painting in paricular in their Best of the Beehive 2012 edition.

"Best Pure Utah Decor- Portrait of Porter Rockwell at Pallet. Along with the dusky landscapes and Flemish still lifes by artist Courtney Derrick, wife of Pallet owner Rocky Derrick, lurks a portrait of Porter Rockwell, Brigham Young’s “Destroying Angel.” Utter Utah ambiance."



Chef Buzz Willey wins audience award at Chef's Challenge

Chef Buzz Willey Sunday received the audience taste award at the fifth annual Chef's Challenge, hosted by Local First Utah, at the Downtown Farmers' Market.


Food with a view: 10 new patios for 2012, including Pallet

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

"This patio offers dappled shade and a hipster vibe, especially when the back door to the kitchen is flung open and artist-types walk by on Pierpont Ave."

To read more, click here.